How important are business cards? About 72% of people form an impression of a business based on the quality of the business card.

You can have a well-designed standard business card and it’s effective if you want to attract an average client to your business.

What if you want to attract premium clients or establish a luxury brand? You have to go above and beyond the standard business card.

You need luxury business cards. It takes knowing your brand and designing a luxury business card to match. Along with that, you can also order Custom Embossed Notes for your business.

Want to know more about designing luxury business cards that make the best impact? Keep reading to discover more.

Luxury Business Card Materials

What’s your brand about? Does your brand value sustainability? Do you have organic ingredients in your products?

A standard business card won’t convey those things. However, using unbleached paper gives your luxury business cards a natural look. It also shows your commitment to the environment.

Texture can make an impact as well. Standard business cards tend to be flat and they don’t give an impression.

Linen business cards can make an impact because the raised texture of the cards gives a tactile sensation. You can make a visual impression with a white linen card and bright colors.

It’s the perfect solution for wedding planners, high-end boutiques, fashion designers, and premium textile companies.

Any premium brand can benefit from business cards with a silk lamination finish. It’s a sleek business card that immediately expresses luxury.

You have endless choices with luxury business card materials. You can use plastic, velvet, or aluminum for luxurious business cards.

The Right Size for Luxury Business Cards

What size is best for a luxury business card? Think of the person who receives the business card. They’ll probably put them in a wallet or somewhere the card easily fits.

In this instance, you can use a standard business card size, which is 2” x 3.5”. You can print a 2”x 2” card which will fit almost anywhere.

Check with printing companies to make sure they can print non-standard business cards.

Design and Printing Tips

How do you design a luxury business card? Start with the information that needs to be on the card.

Add your logo and test out different options. Print out copies on plain paper to see which design is the best.

Check your design file. This is what printing companies use to create the business cards. If there are any issues with the file, it will show in the cards.

Finding a printing company that offers luxury business cards isn’t easy. You’ll need to find a printing company that offers several types of luxury materials.

Click here to find a good example of a printing company that has a range of luxury business card options.

A Guide to High-End Luxury Business Cards

Luxury business cards can make a huge impression and attract the right clients to your business.

Put these tips to use, and you’ll want to hand out your luxury business cards like candy. You’ll be proud to show off your brand.

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