We all know that gaming is no longer an entertainment option; it has become an important career. This is one of the major reasons that a reliable and steady connection is sought by gamers. Yes, whether you like playing action-adventure games or shooting games, you must have access to a reliable and speedy internet connection. 

Since there are several different types of internet connections, you can subscribe and enjoy your gaming sessions. But we suggest you choose a fiber optic internet connection, as it is the fastest internet connection and has higher bandwidth, a higher ping rate, low latency, and so much more. 

And if you are looking for an ISP that offers quality fiber-optic internet connections, we suggest you opt for Clearwave Fiber. It offers high-quality internet services and many speed tiers that you can choose as per your gaming needs.

 If you want to avail the best deals offered by the provider then reach out to its support team today. Nevertheless, if you already have a great internet connection, then read this blog to know more about the internet speed for gaming. Let’s delve in!

Internet Speed for Gaming

Please know that if you are a hardcore gamer, then internet speed is of utmost importance! And if you fail to choose a good internet speed tier, then your entire gaming experience will be affected. 

If you choose a speed tier with a higher Mbps, the faster your data will travel faster from the gaming console to the server and then back to your console. As a result, you will face fewer delays and can win your games without any hassle. 

So, if you are wondering what internet speed do I need for gaming? Then, you should keep in mind that the requirements for every speed differs at large, but most of the games require a download speed of 25 Mbps. 

But if you have a household of four to five people, then you can choose a speed tier that offers speeds up to 50 Mbps. But, if you have a large household, that loves streaming and gaming, then we recomment you choose an internet plan that offers speeds up to 150 Mbps.  

Clearwave Fiber is one of those internet service providers that offers three interesting internet plans that all support gaming and streaming needs. In addition, if you choose its internet services, you will get unlimited data with every plan you choose. You can contact its support team to learn more about the speed tiers or packages.   

  • Clearwave Internet Plans 

The following are the internet plans offered by the provider. So, choose the one that suits your internet needs the best. 

Internet Packages Maximum Download SpeedCost Perks 
Fiber 250Up to 250 Mbps$65/mo.*for 12 months, no term agreementIt offers unlimited dataIt is indeed the best option for streamingYou can connect several devices
Fiber 500Up to 500 Mbps $75/mo.*for 12 months, no term agreementIt is perfect for friends and familiesIt offers unlimited dataYou can connect multiple devices
Fiber 1 GigUp to 1 Gbps$85/mo.*for 12 months, no term agreementIt offers unlimited dataYou can connect multiple devicesIt is perfect for the ones who love gaming and streaming. 

Six Great Tips to Improve Your Online Gaming Experience

If you are a hardcore gamer and want to improve your online gaming experience, then read some of the tips mentioned below. 

  • You should use an advanced gaming router because not all routers are designed to handle the high-speed data transmission of the games that you play.  If you use an outdated router, you might not be able to enjoy the benefits of online gaming and experience frequent disconnects. 
  • You should change your router’s location. The mere reason is that your router’s location can affect the quality and strength of your internet signals, which in turn can affect your online gaming performance.
  • You should check your data usage regularly using the data monitoring app. This can help you track how much data you consume and whether you are close to reaching your data limit 
  • Limit your other bandwidth-intensive activities, such as streaming, downloading, or uploading large files. As these activities can consume a lot of bandwidth and slow down your internet connection. 
  • You should use a wired connection instead of a wireless connection for your bandwidth-intensive activities. The mere reason is that a wired connection can provide a faster and more stable internet connection than a wireless connection, as it eliminates signal loss.
  • You should disconnect all the unused devices from your network while you are playing online games. Idle devices can consume bandwidth, such as by updating their software. 

In Brief 

There you go! We hope you now know everything about the internet speed needed to play games smoothly. Essentially, a good internet speed completely depends on what sort of online games you are playing. So, look for an ISP that offers incredible fiber-optic internet services, so you can play games as much as you want without worrying about lag or buffering issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is 100 Mbps good for gaming?

Please know that anything above 25 Mbps is considered a good speed for gaming. So, 100 Mbps will allow you to play your game smoothly. 

  1. Is 300 Mbps good for gaming?

Faster internet speeds are considered to be great if you love playing online games. Therefore, if you have a big household, then a 300 Mbps plan will allow you to play your online games without any lag issues.  

  1. Is 500 Mbps good for gaming?

If you have a speed tier of 500 Mbps, then this is considered to be a robust connection that allows your entire family to play online games without the frustration of lag time.