Lio Fotia

The deuteragonist of the 2019 Studio Trigger film Promare is Lio Fotia. Along with Gueira and Meis, he is the Mad Burnish’s leader. In the Japanese and English versions of the anime, respectively, he is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch and Taichi Saotome.

Appearance: Lio Fotia

Lio is a fairly short person with a slim build. He has thin, pale skin and thick, light green-blonde hair. The colour of his eyebrows and eyelashes match. Though they frequently reflect purple and orange tones, his eyes are a magenta pink colour.

Lio Fotia
Best of Lio Fotia

There is a dark triangular earring on his left ear. He wears a black leather jacket over his torso that has military-style cords, zippers, and belts. He is dressed in a long-sleeved white shirt with frills at the cuffs and a cravat underneath. Lio is dressed in a pair of cropped black gloves and what appear to be slick biker pants with integrated knee pads and multiple belt fasteners. He wears black shoes with two buckles. He uses Promare to fashion tall, sleek armour that is jet black with white segments on the legs. His helmet’s visor has two flares that resemble horns and are shaped like jagged, pointed teeth. The armour is much taller and well built looking than he actually is, trying to appear more intimidating. Galo, who initially mistook him for being much older than either man, is later shocked by this.

Personality: Lio Fotia

Lio Fotia currently serves as the movement’s leader, Mad Burnish, which opposes the experiments on Burnish. His resistance is seen by the public as terrorism. Although Lio burns buildings using his skills as a Burnish, he always leaves a path for occupants to flee. He is also seen using his flames to shield others. He is adamant that Burnish should never murder without justification and is fervently committed to defending those who are unable to defend themselves. Even though his morals permit it, he occasionally has trouble hurting other people. One such time was when he used teal flames that weren’t “hot at all” to attack Galo.

One of the most formidable Burnish, Lio is also intelligent and a trustworthy leader. Due to his intense empathy for his people and fellow peers, his passion and abilities could also spell his doom. He is also seen making fun of those in positions of power, particularly the Foresight Foundation and Freeze Force. He initially displays mistrust toward Galo because of the fact that Galo was connected to Kray. His aggressive fighting stances end up meshing well with Galo’s. Their collaboration with Lio de Galon, Galo de Lion, and others serves as proof of this.

Powers and Abilities:

Pyrokinesis: Lio possesses pyrokinesis, just like the other Burnish, which allows her to control fire in any way.

Pyrokinetic Constructs: Lio can create a motorcycle, a throne, and various weapons out of solid pieces of fire using his pyrokinesis.

Expert Tactician: Lio, the Mad Burnish’s leader, is skilled at carrying out many different strategies; one instance is when he designs a jailbreak strategy.

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