Starting your small business is no easy task- from managing employees to sealing deals with clients- you need to do almost everything yourself. While most entrepreneurs know how to market their businesses and make their brands look great, very few can actually play the field well.

In the global economy, small and medium-sized businesses play a big role because they are responsible for over 90% of the business population. If you’re also one of them and wish to make your brand appear attractive, here are 5 great tips you can easily try out today!

1. Get a domain name

If you’re running an online business, having your domain name is always a good idea. This makes it quick and easy for customers to find you on the web.

While many services can offer you a free domain name, many URLs they produce will be wordy and unnecessarily long. So you should switch over to a domain that contains your business’ name instead.

When you’re choosing it, try to keep things short and simple. A bit of creativity will definitely do, but don’t overdo it. If you’re confused, you can try out a name generator tool to help you choose a classy name. After this, remember to get your private SSL to protect your customers’ transaction information.

2. Hire a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant or chatbot can simplify things and take off a large portion of your burden. Of course, you’ll still need to hire a customer support team because a virtual presence can do only so much. But it does help to get the primary conversation started if you install a VA.

It often takes very little money and effort to install one, so go for it today. Besides making your company look bigger and better, you’ll also understand customers’ grievances and complaints, if any. The VA can also email virtual business cards to prospects, let your customers know about upcoming offers, and do much more.

3. Set up “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages

Most online businesses don’t have proper “About us” or “Contact us” pages, which gives users a sub-optimal experience on that site. To make yours look attractive, you must let your consumers know what your company deals with and how you can help people.

The “About Us” page will feature your story, the hard work behind establishing your brand, and the entire team dedicated to this cause.

Add information like why your brand is the best and why people must purchase from you. Equally important is the “Contact Us” page, which customers can visit when they have queries or complaints. It helps you to build strong bonds with them and understand their wants better.

4. Set up a blog

A blog is often one of the easiest and cheapest ways to boost your small business. While an online social media presence is important, a blog plays no lesser role here.

A regularly-updated blog keeps your audience in the loop, lets them know what you’re selling, and keeps them waiting for upcoming product launches. Your posts don’t have to be very long (because people hardly read much nowadays)- about 300 to 400 words per blog can suffice.

But make sure your customers understand whatever you write well and are creative and unique. Then, share these blogs with your social media accounts to boost them.

5. Take good-quality photos and videos

The photos and videos you post on your site attract your customers. If the pictures are grainy and the videos glitchy, nobody will like to purchase from you.

So invest in a good camera and video recorder and ask a professional to do shoots for your brand. You can still purchase a decent camera and click good pictures and videos even if you’re on a budget.

If you don’t wish to hire a professional photographer, try taking some shots yourself so that you understand how to click well. Then, use photo editing apps like Photoshop or Lightroom to edit your media.

Over to you…

These are the five most important tricks to make your small business look stylish and attractive. But, even if you don’t see results immediately, don’t lose hope. Give these strategies a try, and your business will soon be booming in no time at all!