The magazine publishing market will grow by almost $3.5 billion between 2021 and 2025. Most revenue will come from the printing segment due to the increasing number of magazine readers.

Before you begin printing a magazine, take time to brainstorm what you want the publication to be about. You should research the type of audience that reads magazines like yours. That way, you’ll know your target audience.

You also need to familiarize yourself with magazine printing costs. Gather your team and discuss how much you can afford to spend on your magazine.

Read on to learn five factors that can affect magazine printing costs.

1. Page Size

Before you begin using magazine print methods, you must first determine the size of the pages in your publication. The standard size of a magazine page is 8 3/8″ x 10 7/8.” It’s also the most cost-effective.

If you want a different size, you have to select a customized paper that’s either over or undersized. You should also remember that commercial printers are compatible with standard page sizes.

So selecting a different page size may make it more time-consuming and expensive.

2. Ink Colors

Most magazines get produced with full-color pages and covers for a better visual impact. The ink color can be black and white or other shades based on your preference.

The cost to print a magazine in black and white ink is cheaper than the colorful varieties.

Even so, your ink color choice will depend on the layout of your magazine.

3. Binding Styles

When printing a magazine, we use two binding styles – saddle stitch and perfect binding. You select the binding style based on the number of pages you need in your magazine.

Saddle stitch is the best method if your publication is only a few pages. The perfect binding method will make the right choice for a publication with many pages.

4. Magazine Printing Press Type

Web and sheet-fed presses are the two types of printing presses used for magazine publication. The mechanism of each differs depending on how many magazines you need from a single production.

You will need the Web press printing press when publishing many units at once. It’s also the most cost-effective printing method for major publications.

For a start-up magazine, requirements may be low, which is why a sheet-fed printing press will be appropriate. Both presses create high-quality printing. Even so, the web press produces more at a low cost than the other type.

5. Budget

Take your time to understand your budget before venturing into magazine printing and binding. Both of these methods cost different prices.

So, make sure you know how much you’re willing to invest. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting your resources, money, and time.

Magazine Printing Costs

Printing a magazine can be a profitable business. Yet, before you begin printing your magazines, you should consider the factors discussed in this article.

When it comes to running a magazine, you should always think ahead. It takes time to print and distribute a magazine. Also, you must allow time to collect articles for publication.

Make sure you and your teams agree on a publication schedule and set smaller, internal deadlines. This will ensure your staff completes all tasks on time.

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