Yuthan Balaji

Indian actor Yuthan Balaji has acted in films with a Tamil language. Yuthan made his acting debut in N. Linguswamy’s 2009 film Pattalam, before going on to star in ‘KaadhalSollaVandhen’ (2010) and ‘Nagarvalam’ (2017).

Yuthan Balaji: Age

Yuthan Balaji is 35 years, 1 months, and 21 days old as of right now. The 36th birthday of Yuthan Balaji will fall on Tuesday, October 24, 2023.

Yuthan Balaji: Zodiac Sign

Scorpio is Yuthan Balaji’s horoscope sign. Scorpios are said to be passionate and powerful because of their astrological sign. Because they are resourceful and sensitive to their environment, Scorpios make excellent leaders. Scorpio thrives on experiencing and expressing emotions because it is a Water sign. Scorpio is a water sign, thus emotions are highly important to them, but they express themselves distinctively than some other water signs. Whatever they may be, you may rest assured that the Scorpio would keep your secrets.

Yuthan Balaji: Career

A Tamil actor from Tamil Nadu, Yuthan Balaji. In the Tamil films KaadhalSollaVandhen and Nagarvalam, Yuthan played the lead role (2017). Balaji made his film debut in the supporting role of Pattalam in 2009, and he also played supporting roles in his early career. In 2006, Yuthan Balaji made his first on-screen appearance for the Star Vijay television programme Kana KaanumKaalangal. Additionally, Yuthan participated in the dancing reality series Kana KaanumKaalangal, which aired on Zee Tamizh in 2006. Balaji Balakrishnan is Yuthan Balaji’s real name.

Yuthan began his career in television before transitioning to the big screen. In 2006, the miniseries Kana KaanumKaalangal on Star Vijay served as his acting debut. Joseph was the character Balaji performed in this school play. Three years later, the popular teen movie Pattalam, starring Nadiya Moidu, marked Yuthan Balaji big-screen debut. Alongside Yuthan, the movie featured a number of other young up and comers. Through this box office success, N. Linguswamy gave Yuthan Balaji debut on the big screen.Balaji received his first starring part in a movie quite quickly. In KaadhalSollaVandhen, Balaji played the male lead (2010). The female role was played by Meghana Raj. This romantic comedy about two college students fared rather well and received mixed to favorable reviews. After the release of this film, Yuthan Balaji became well-known. Additionally, Yuthan Balaji received more film parts. Modalaindi Ela, Meiyyazhagi&Nagarvalam are Yuthan’s films released later, with modest success. In his most recent film, Nagarvalam, Balaji played the male lead. In 2016, he wed Preethi, and the two parted ways in 2018.

Yuthan Balaji

Net Worth

5 million is in Yuthan Balaji’s net worth. In 2017, Yuthan Balaji made a comeback with the romantic thriller Nagarvalam, adopting the stage name Yuthan Balaji in place of Balaji Balakrishnan. With a few films in Yuthan’s resume where he plays the chocolate boy part, Yuthan Balaji chose a high-action web series in late 2018 and adopted the gangster persona for Vella Raja.

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