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Snowflake Nails: Creative Touch

The month of October was spent celebrating the arrival of Autumn and the anticipation towards Halloween for those who celebrated. When it comes to Autumn, we think of the changing of the colour of leaves, pumpkin picking, all the desserts and different food items made from those pumpkins like pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pumpkin spice latte and so on. The excitement towards Halloween is also what keeps people busy throughout the month. But once October ends, we slowly start to get into the spirit of the next big holiday, Christmas and along with that, several corresponding holidays like Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and so on. Each festival is exciting in its own way and as a global community, we all look forward to them.

Snowflake Nails: Best Look

With winter already in full bloom, most places of the world are shrouded in snow already. Snowflakes are often used as a symbol for the winter season, as it is a key part of winter in many countries. Also, during Christmas time when the place gets full of snow, it is popularly called White Christmas. Just how a lot of people like to celebrate seasons and holidays with things that are symbolic at that time of the year, it is also a great idea to want to celebrate sweater weather. Apart from fashion, another cool way is to go for acrylic nails with snowflake designs.

Snowflake Nails

Take a look at this list for some cute inspiration:

  • There is a popular saying called, less is more. This saying is so true for a huge number of cases, especially when it comes to fashion. While in a lot of cases we might think that going over the top will give us the best results, it is actually doing things within reason that can also help us achieve maximum results. With that in mind, if you want a nail art that looks simple, elegant as well as artistic, along with something that will also help you bring out the excitement you have for the winter season, then this beautiful nail art will help you achieve just that. It is perfect for getting into that sweater weather spirit.
  • The popular Disney movie Frozen is, hands down, one of the most popular and highest grossing movies out there. The cinematics, special effects and the all-over beauty of that movie has turned it into an iconic film. Kids and adults are all equally fans of both the Frozen movies, and the key characters of Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven are loved by all. So if you too are a fan of these Frozen movies, then this nail art is the perfect one to go for. It is a great nail art option to celebrate both winter and your fondness for the movies.
  • If you like the colour and want to get something special for new year’s eve or for any other holiday, then this beautiful nail art is perfect for that purpose. This is also a great nail art for Autumn as the mix of different warm tones symbolises the changing of the colour of the leaves and the ending of a year.

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By Sanjeev