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In addition to portraying Kunal Chauhan in the well-known television series Imlie, Rajan in Shrikant Bashir, and a match reporter in Inside Edge, Vishwa Gulati also performs these roles. In addition to this, Vishwa has also performed in the roles of Hehzan in the film Nargis and Arjun in the well-known film The Forgotten. Vishwa Gulati has a sizable fan base across many social media channels, is passionate, and works really hard.

Vishwa Gulati: Early Life

Actor Vishwa Gulati works in the Indian television business. In addition, Vishwa serves as an assistant director. On September 19, 1992, Vishwa Gulati was born in Mumbai, India. Gulati attended Don Bosco School in New Delhi for his education. At the ‘Shri Ram Centre’ for Performing Arts in Delhi, Vishwa continued his studies in theater and performance. Gulati also attended the ‘University of Delhi’ to earn his bachelor’s degree in arts. Additionally, Vishwa Gulati has kept his dating status a secret. Vishwa had a strong interest in performing and intended to pursue it professionally. In addition, Gulati has held teaching positions in music and drama at ‘The Shri Ram School’. Vishwa contributed to numerous well-liked TV programmes. Naach Bhikhari Naach, Taala Te Kunjee, Nargis, The Forgotten, Imlie, and many others are just a few of Gulati’s Hindi TV series.

Vishwa Gulati: Imlie

Star Plus programme Vishwa Gulati, an actor, made his debut in Imlie. Shrikant Bashir, a recent episode of Sony LIV, featured him. Vishwa Gulati also has a podcast, which is well-liked by the audience. It turns out that Gashmeer Mahajani also played the title part in the series, therefore Vishwa was also in the starring position there. The character that Vishwa played is a man who falls head over heels in love with Malini and desires to wed her. It is previously known that Malini confessed to Aditya and Imlie the existence of a man in her life whom she loves and longs to be with.

It turns out that it is not accurate after all, and Malini will then meet Vishwas’ persona.

There is a lot of stuff that goes on in the programme, so it will be fascinating to see how things develop and what happens in the coming episodes. Viewers have already begun to feel edge given the recent change in circumstances on the programme, and this latest entry is sure to jar things up for all 3 of them as well as the upcoming tune.

Vishwa Gulati

Physical Appearance

Vishwa Gulati is 30 years old as of 2022. Gulati is pretty muscular and cares a lot about his physical and mental health. Vishwa maintains a standard diet and works out consistently all throughout the week. Vishwa Gulati’s height is 5 feet 11 inches. Vishwa has got a waist measurement of 30 inches. Not only Vishwa’s body is attractive, Gulati has a beautiful set of dark brown eyes which compliment his hair which is also dark brown in color.

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