Did you know that recognizing your employees’ hard work can boost workplace morale better than most incentives? More often than not, employees just want to know that everything they do for your company isn’t going unnoticed.

The question is, how can you practice employee recognition on a regular basis? After all, you can’t hand out promotions and raises every few weeks.

We’ve got some great employee recognition ideas that are outside of the box. Ditch the branded coffee mugs and lanyards and start giving your employees something more unique.

Read on as we share our five best employee recognition ideas that you’ll want to try this year.

1. Event Tickets

Oftentimes, companies can purchase discounted tickets to events like football games, concerts, and plays. Find out what your company has access to at a discounted rate and start buying up tickets. That way, you can give out even tickets to exceptional employees without breaking the bank.

2. Unique Awards

You’d be surprised at how much your employees want to show off their recognition. Unique awards like plaques, trophies, and challenge coins well dress up an office and remind others of their success. (Find out more about the many roles of challenge coins to incorporate these noble gifts into your work culture.)

3. Gift Cards

Gift cards are another reward that companies can often purchase at a discounted rate. Look for big box store or e-commerce gift cards (think Amazon or Target) if you want to offer a gift card that can serve a fun or practical use. Sponsor a night out with a gift card to a local restaurant or movie theater.

4. Office Massages

Does your entire team deserve some serious recognition after meeting a major deadline or completing a big project? Working under pressure can create a lot of tension and what better gift could you offer than tension relief? Hire a local massage company to come in and give free massages to everyone in the office.

5. Extra Paid Leave

Employees tend to feel the most recognized and appreciated when their employers emphasize their work-life balance. Sometimes, the best way to say thank you for a job well done is to grant your employees more time away from the office. Consider giving out additional paid leave, even if you can offer a day or two, to show your employees how much you care.

Focus on Employee Recognition to Boost Morale

If you weren’t sure how to recognize your employees for their hard work, we’re glad you found yourself here. Employee recognition awards and gifts are a great way to boost morale and show your employees how much you appreciate them. Creating more satisfaction around the office doesn’t always have to come from major or expensive gestures!

Looking for more ways to boost morale, increase productivity, or improve sales? We’ve got you covered, whether you’re a brand new startup or an expanding franchise. Take a look around as we share insightful news and tips for your business.



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