Geofencing is an advertising method often overlooked by local businesses. They hear about how SEO, paid ads, and social media marketing can grow their companies, so they throw everything they have at those marketing channels. The problem is that these methods get expensive and time-consuming.

That’s where geofencing helps. Geofencing is a growing advertising method that’s getting better every year. When 51% of people now use their phones to discover new companies and products, geofencing is even more appealing.

If you’re unsure what geofencing has to offer your business, this post will help fill you in on the details. Below are the reasons you need geofencing and mobile advertising in West Palm Beach.

Relevant Audiences

Targeting is one of the most critical parts of digital marketing, and there’s no better way to do that than geofencing. Without location targeting, you’re hoping your audience is in a position to make it to your local store, and Geofencing makes that possible.

Geofencing is the process of targeting individuals who are geolocated in your store’s general area. If you target people close to you, there’s a better chance that they’ll respond to your marketing and head to your store.

Save Money

It isn’t only hard to target geolocations in traditional marketing. Traditional marketing is also expensive. If you don’t have a large ad budget, you may not be able to afford a conventional ad campaign.

The same isn’t true with geofencing. Smaller local campaigns don’t traditionally cost as much as other marketing methods. If you’re a small business, that means you can advertise your store without spending a ton of money.

Better Data

One of the great things about digital marketing is collecting data. While traditional marketing methods already provide great information, geofencing can offer more.

The data you collect from geofencing campaigns provides insight into how your brick and mortar locations perform. You can use that information to push more targeted traffic to your local stores and optimize others that don’t perform as well.

Personalized Messaging

One great thing about geofencing is the ability to customize your campaigns. You know your customers and what they like. That means you can send targeted ads that are more appealing.

This leads to higher conversion rates for your ad campaigns. You’ll be able to expand your marketing as a result and grow your business faster. 

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Better Engagement

It’s hard to get engagement on social media websites and search engines. People are becoming immune to ads. They go to these sites for entertainment and information, not to buy products.

The same isn’t true for app advertising and text messaging. You’ll get higher engagement with your ads, which means a higher chance to increase business traffic.

Start Your First Geofencing Campaign Today

With how many people use mobile devices these days, it makes sense to make the most of that data to target advertising. Geofencing allows you to target people in your local area who are more likely to buy your products. Start your first campaign today to grow your West Palm Beach small business.

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