An office removalist brings along the tools, techniques, certified skills, and a professional approach to the entire office moving exercise

It is absolutely necessary to hire an office removalist because they specialise in moving office equipment, furniture, and other stuff safely from one place to another. An office removalist or an office mover is not the mundane mover and packer. Instead, it’s a group of skilled professionals possessing the requisite office removing certifications, accreditations, materials, tools, and techniques. Not only this, an office removalist also ensures that there’s no loss or damage to the stuff during the entire office moving process. Moreover, an office removalist also has tie-ups with insurance companies which ensure that any unforeseen risks are mitigated beforehand.

Why is it risky to move your office yourself?

It’s risky to move your office yourself because you and your employees are not trained for this task. Your company was formed for a specific purpose and your focus should be more on sticking to your forte. Secondly, if you start moving your office yourself, the chances are that you will incur heavy losses due to breakage. That’s because you are more likely to adopt a stereotypical approach, such as using the same packing materials for equipment as well as furniture. 

There can be dangerous consequences of moving your office yourself such as injuries to employees. No, it’s not worth the risk. You’re better off watching the office removing team go about its task while you watch over the entire exercise. What you can surely do is that you appoint someone from your company to supervise the office removal. This will create a channel of communication between your company and the office removalist. Rest assured; an office removalist will hardly bother you. On the contrary, you are likely to recommend the office removalist to your friends in the corporate fraternity.

5 reasons to hire an office removalist

Highly trained personnel

An office removalist is not an individual. It’s a group of personnel who are highly trained. They adopt the best and most feasible methods to pack, move, and unpack office furniture, be it ergonomic furniture (ergonomic chair, Sit Stand Desk, etc…) or traditional furniture, equipment, and other belongings. Since they’re highly trained, they know which technique to adopt according to the area of the new office premises.

Very methodical approach

There’s nothing haphazard in an office removalist’s approach. The entire team divides the tasks between itself and completes the office removal with minimum wastage of time. Their skill comes to the fore during packing, transportation, unpacking, and reconfiguring a new office space. 

Licensed and accredited

Well, not everyone who claims to be an office removalist is a professional office mover. The credentials should be highlighted by licenses, certifications, and accreditations by the apex bodies. When you hire an office removalist, kindly make sure to check these certificates and licences. And these certifications and accreditations are not awarded arbitrarily. An office removalist has to prove their mettle and pass the required tests in order to obtain them.

Saves tremendous costs

Office removal saves costs by minimising losses on account of wear and tear, breakage, and loss. This is indeed a huge saving. On the other hand, hiring a professional office removalist will keep you and your workforce safe from probable injuries that might occur if you attempt it yourself. So, you avoid the medical bills quite easily by hiring an office removalist.

Backed by insurance cover

This is a huge advantage indeed. An office removalist has tie-ups with insurance companies wherein any losses or damages, if any, cannot impact office furniture corner desk, and equipment during the office removing exercise.


Office removal is a specialized task and needs a professional approach. As a company that has been formed to generate revenues and provide employment to people, it’s better that you hand over the office moving task to a professional office removalist. There’s no room for trial and error here. 


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