Attending the PMP classes is considered to be a matter of necessity for the candidates to ensure that they will be on the right track of effectively planning to clear the examination in the very first attempt. Following are some of the very new things in the PMP classes 2021 which every candidate should know so that they can clear the examination very successfully:

  1. The scope of examination has been perfectly changed and the examination will be based upon three main domains which will be business environment, process and people. On the other hand, the old PMP exam was based upon five domains which were executing, monitoring, controlling, closing, planning and initiating. So, being clear about this particular change is very much advisable for the candidates so that they never get confused and can formulate the best possible plan of study.
  2. 50% of examination questions in the new format will be based upon hybrid and agile methodologies and there is no such formalised percentage of the declaration in the cases of old PMP exam. So, this particular percentage is very much important to be known by every candidate so that they can plan and prepare accordingly without any kind of doubt element in their minds.
  3. Since the inception of the PMP 1984, the institute has never declared any kind of document which will be the ultimate preparation resource book but the official guide is the most abundant source of preparation in this particular case. But on the other hand, the official courseware has been launched by the PMP examination in the year 2020 which is another very important change in this particular industry and helps in providing people with the best possible alignment with the course content of the examination. This will ultimately help in bringing an end to the typical concerns of the PMP experience regarding the official preparation resources.
  4. The authorised training provider program has also significantly changed and now people are based upon both self-paced as well as instructor-led training from the authorised training provider. It is very much advisable for candidates to be clear about this particular aspect of the instructors also need to pass the TTT program to be eligible in this particular case to teach PMP preparation courses to the candidates. It is also very much important for the candidates to be clear about the fees element in this particular area so that there is no chance of any kind of chaos and everything has been very well played by them throughout the process.
  5. One might have heard a lot about the logistical changes and the significance of them has also changed a lot. The application process has now become very much simple as well as less time-consuming in comparison to the previous systems and in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic the proctoring-based examinations are also becoming very much popular in this particular case.

 Hence, at the time of appearing in the PMP examination people should always depend upon PMI-authorised partners so that they have a good command of the basic terminologies and technicalities of the field.