Did you know that more than 4,300 institutions in the United States are offering degrees in psychology?

Whether you get your associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree, you have options to choose from.

If you want to take online psychology courses to begin your career, you will have to pick a school that is right for you. 

Continue reading to discover how you can get an online psychology degree! 

Washington State University 

Earning an online psychology degree is possible at a variety of schools, one of the best is at Washington State University.

Washington State University is often known for its business, law, and medicine programs. Psychology is another top program at this university. It will provide you with a basic foundation when you earn your bachelor’s degree. 

This degree program is all online and will teach you about human issues and development. Even if you are attending online, there are opportunities for tutoring and research. This makes it possible to build up your resume before you start applying to jobs in the field. 

If you are getting a degree from WSU, you can join the National Honor Society in psychology!

Northern Arizona University

Obtaining an online bachelor’s degree in psychology is a great choice to make. Especially if you enjoy learning about human development and patterns.

NAU is student-centered and focuses on enhancing the educational experience for its students. This is why they have made it possible to earn a degree in psychology online. You can get a basic understanding of psychology mastered in this online program.

You can also learn about mental health and behavior. 

Many people in this online program specialize in clinical, social, and health psychology. Even though you will be getting your degree online, you will still have many chances to research and collaborate with others. 

Getting a psychology degree from NAU could result in careers in human resources, social services, and psychology. 

University of Wyoming 

If you are hoping to get an online master’s degree in psychology, you should consider applying to the University of Wyoming. 

The University of Wyoming is an affordable school with many opportunities to learn. This university specializes in classic and contemporary approaches to psychology and human behavior. Whether you have already begun or are starting, you can take online courses for your program. 

One advantage of attending the online program is that the professors on campus are also the professors teaching online. You can get an excellent education in psychology even if you live hundreds of miles from the main campus. 

California Coast University 

Getting your psychology certificate online is easy if you attend California Coast University. 

No matter how far you want to go, this school offers all degree programs. It also has undergraduate and graduates certifications. Most people get their online bachelor’s degree in psychology in a science program. An associate’s or bachelor’s in science will lay a solid foundation for a psychology background. 

Courses at California Coast University at 100% remote and are also self-paced, which is attractive for people who have daytime jobs. The tuition is low with no interest and you can start the program at any time, once you get accepted. 

University of Florida

If you enjoy learning about natural and social sciences, the University of Florida offers an excellent program. 

You can earn an online bachelor’s degree at this institution and prepare yourself for a graduate program or certain jobs in the field. They specialize in clinical psychology and undergraduate programs. At this university, you can get a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Arts and Sciences.

The psychology department at UF focuses on finding diverse professors and finding students. This type of culture helps bring the department together and create a supportive environment. Even if you are taking online courses. 

Most people that graduate with an online psychology degree from UF go into careers like business management and health care.  Your education at this university will revolve around statistics, biology, and psychology courses. 

Southern New Hampshire University

A popular university to get your psychology degree is Southern New Hampshire University.

SNHU offers an online program for getting your bachelor’s of arts in psychology. You can work on courses at your own pace with having 24/7 access to the classroom and don’t need to worry about application fees or test scores. 

This is an excellent program that will help you find a career in the psychology field and prepare you for graduate school. You can also earn a certificate in Data Literacy in Psychology that is embedded in the bachelor’s degree program!

Purdue University 

Getting an online associate’s degree in psychology is possible through Purdue University.

Depending on what you specialize in, you can earn a degree through Purdue in human services and applied behavior analysis. Schools offering applied behavior analysis (ABA) courses are excellent to invest your future in. ABA programs help people who have been diagnosed with autism or behavioral disorders. 

Most students spend an average of 15 to 18 hours a week taking online courses. The classes can be on a 10 or 12-week schedule, depending on the program that you choose. Purdue has made it easy to obtain a college degree in a complex field with its live seminars and technology to communicate with others. 

Earn Your Online Psychology Degree

If you are hoping to get an online psychology degree, there are many programs to consider. 

Whether you are wanting to get your associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree in psychology, you have options to do so online. Each university has something unique to offer. Some options specialize in specific areas such as ABA or clinical psychology. 

Getting a degree in psychology can help you meet educational and career goals. You will be able to work with businesses, health care, and other institutions. 

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