The recent study has told that maybe Alcohol like drinking beer and all would not benefit the body but it does have negative effects. This research does say that when doctors say that minor alcohol is good for the health, it is just a market plans for selling more alcohol.

The research has given some facts that would make one think that it is very hard to see good coming from consumption of alcohol than disadvantages, find more about it here wellhealthorganic.com:alcohol-consumption-good-for-heart-health-new-study-says-no

Hence, it is time for the world to re-think that taking alcohol is good for the health. Hence, it does show that people should stop drinking Alcohol if they think that what the current reports are saying is true. It does tell a lot about the change that medical science is taking for making a look that can limit people drink Alcohol somewhere or other. But it is for those who do take it as they see some positives signs from it.

The theory can be true as many things that were seen dangerous to have for dogs are now safe to have. And in a similar way, some of the traditional theories would change now with new studies are every week. The very search does tell that alcohol it not great for heart as doctors were saying it before. This research does say that it is not good to drink alcohol even once in a while. This means that those who are addicted to it do have many bags signs than good. Hence, in this blog, we would tell about how the new plans would change the image of alcohol.

wellhealthorganic.com:alcohol-consumption-good-for-heart-health-new-study-says-no | How the world seen alcohol before this report?

Before this report, many did feel that taking alcohol in moderation is good for heart and it would help one from preventing the heart attack. The study did show that those who did have control in drinking alcohol, it did help the heart to not get strokes, compare to those who have excessive amount of drinking alcohol. Many did also feel that red wine does carry antioxidants and it would help blood vessel to work in a better manner. It is very crucial in maintaining health. Many did also say that alcohol had the power to make the good cholesterol, which makes the blood pure. It can help one against heart disease. But now studies have broken these rules.

What does new study say?

As per the new studies, it is very much evident that alcohol consumption, even in small quantity, can make one have heart problems in a mega manner. The pundits did say that even a minor consumption can make one weaken the heart. As soon as they keep on drinking, it makes it even hard to have. This does tell a lot about how alcohol from the small quantity can make one have a lot of problems.        It does not give causation but gives an idea that how much these studies have to work on. Also, these studies do have self-report basis only and hence, saying that they are 100 per cent right would not be fair until a major move comes.

Is taking alcohol in Moderate good?

10 years ago, almost 99 per cent people did agree to the fact that moderate method of drinking alcohol is good and hence, it does contain major benefits as the heart does have positive reaction. This is why many people did start to drink three to four times in a month.

Mostly, beer and wine were seen as great drinks to have for the wine. Many do still believe it now but religious belief says that even inModerate form, it is not good to take alcohol as it does make the heart feet week and then the heart attack can occur in many bodies. 

This does tell a lot about how people should think before start drinking as it can have good or bad results. But most of the time, people start with three to four times in a month and then drink once in every two days. This is why it does more bad from that very angle as humans do not know how balance it out.

Moderation drinks means one has to take drinks max in amount of four for making sure that it does make the body work well.

How moderate alcohol consumption work?

The body of 22-year-old would not have major problems with moderate alcohol consumption most of the time but those who are in their 40, 50s and so on, they have to limit taking alcohol for once or twice in a month and not more than twice as it does make things balanced. If one has major health battles, then it is crucial to not drink at all.

So this does depend on height, weight, age and many other factors. But now studies are showing that alcohol should not be taken at all. It means that one should not drink at all and try to have other alternatives for it. But if one follows the traditional way of thinking, then moderate alcohol consumption is good to have. But try to limit things to the level it can work for the good not bad. Like if one is drinking Coca Cola a lot, which is not good to the body, then alcohol in limit also would give the bad impact. So it does depend on the lifestyle also, see details here wellhealthorganic.com:alcohol-consumption-good-for-heart-health-new-study-says-no.

So eating well and then taking these tonics would be good. Otherwise, it can do more harm and taking oil in form of a snack with alcohol can do even more harm. Also, it does depend on how much your body can take it. So it does tell how much should one take. For some, even a one glass would be ample. Some can even go for three to four. 

This does tell that alcohol consumption depends on the body and person to person but average drinks should not go far more than two in general.

wellhealthorganic.com:alcohol-consumption-good-for-heart-health-new-study-says-no | How to maintain heart health?

Alcohol is not only way to pure heart. It is just one way and hence, Alcohol should not be seen as a way to make the heart feet better and work well also. This does tell a lot about seeing the world well and taking this forward in a manner it can do more good than bad.

  • Eat well: One should stop eating juke food and find many ways to make the heart work well. Eating and drinking on time in a healthier manner would give the better outlook to the body and hence, one should take this very seriously as it does heel the body in a better manner.
  • Exercise: Going to the gym, dancing or doing yoga would work well to heal the body. This does show a lot about how much one needs to work hard, so it can help the body to work in a better manner and create a good legacy to follow. This is what creates the major impact and yoga is the best one as it does heal from the inside and outside.
  • Meditation: This does work in a mega manner as the mind starts to think in a better manner and it does help to not have stress as much as it used to other wise. This is why one has to start giving some time to make the brain work very well.
  • Weight Management: This is the major look that one has to think as over weight becomes a key factor behind having heart stroke. This does tell that how much one should keep the weight which should match the height they have.
  • Cholesterol levels: They should be at par. Otherwise, there would be very much heart problems. And hence, it is good to manage things very well.
  • Ample Sleep: It is something not many do nowadays. There should be a pattern in sleeping. Otherwise, what is the worth of making a look that one should know that 8 hours should be the sleeping outlook. Otherwise, one can’t make the life balanced.

What does religions say? 

All religionsdo say that it is bad to take alcohol, read here wellhealthorganic.com:alcohol-consumption-good-for-heart-health-new-study-says-no. It is not just that one religion is saying it. This is why, those who believe in God should think that are they doing the right thing. But this is not point here. These religions do ban alcohol as they feel it is not good for the body and they did know it from centuries.

Just like people in India always knew that earth is around as the meaning of earth in Hindiuim is Bhugol, Bue is Earth and Gol means around. However, the western world did get to know about this 700 to 800 years back. So this does show that many things religions do say have some scientific reasons behind it. Alcohol does make human act in a different manner and hence, it does make the body work unwell. This is why the recent study does have something that one should look at and stop drinking it at all.


Alcohol in moderation now not good for the body. It means that humans should think twice before having anything and mostly when a product is known to make human act in a different manner. This does show the fact thatAlcohol has to be taken twice and it should be taken in limit. But first taking care of the body is good and it should not be taken if you are fat or over weight. Because then the heart would work in even worse manner and it does not seem to be a great idea to have it wellhealthorganic.com:alcohol-consumption-good-for-heart-health-new-study-says-no. Hence first start the good of living and then start thinking about taking Alcohol and all.


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