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TikTok has come with the AR Development Platform named Effect House. It would help content markers to create something cool with the features of TikTok, saving time and money. Effect House is a tool that allows content curators or just users of TikTok to use latest IT tools for making a post look creative at best.
Hence, they feel that very tool would help TikTok to get more videos and make the platform work in a better manner. This would allow them to compete with Instagram, Snapchat and others, who do see TikTok now as a major competitor.

This does show how TikTok can get fame with the best of AR Development Platform that would make things even better for them as the app is in trend, but coming up with new features would help TikTok to make better content. Effect House does have class or arperez in a tech crunch manner and this is what makes them as one of the market leaders.
This new feature has something special that would make TikTok work in a better manner and lead things ahead. Hence, it does create a look which one can see as a major example to follow for TikTok and the growth they do want to take.

Effect House is something that does talk a lot about making creative changes on the application that would help them to make content in a creative manner and put things at a place where content creators do have the feeling of making the impact like never before. This does talk a lot about TikTok and the impact the platform has done. This does show the art of TikTok and the best of AR as the combination of both does work very well to put up something that makes people try these tools and TikTok sees it as a major way to boost the brand ahead.

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How It Works?
AR platform is all about making an impact to create a look which is the best way to move forward as it does help people to push things ahead and create the content that would not have done otherwise. It is what AR does talk a lot about reaching things ahead and making a plan which is what talks a lot about the impact of TikTok and how AR is making a change that does create a mega look.

AR platform does have a creative touch that does make an impact and it has worked very well for TikTok and the creative touch it has. This does show how the effect of AR platform does work very well and create an aroma for people where people are forced to post things in a better manner. It does make TikTok make more videos which does end very well for them. It is what talks a lot about TikTok and the aroma they have for moving ahead in a manner where AR would push things very well for the platform in a better manner.


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