There is no running away from it. Today or a year later – we all will have that burst of hair fall once in a while that makes our hair strands fall everywhere. Although it’s common to lose some hair everywhere, losing too many hairs too quickly can be a little dreadful.

If you listen to the alarm early, you can stop the hair fall before it changes your looks. Making the right changes in hair care routine can not only stop the hair fall but will also help you regrow hair at a faster pace. But how do you do that?

One way to do it is by using the best shampoo for hair fall. Just replacing a regular shampoo with a quality one can improve your hair’s health a lot. And that is exactly what we are going to talk about today. We’ll talk about the reasons and potential solutions for hair fall. And at the last, we’ll see how brands like Mamaearth can end your search for the best shampoo for hair fall. Shall we start?

Why Does Hair Fall Happen?

Before you know the solution, you should know why the problem is happening in the first place. What is taking a toll on the health of your hair shaft?

  • Infections: Illnesses and infections often become the leading cause of hair fall. If not treated at the right time, bacterial infections such as syphilis can cause thinning hair and even baldness. Detecting and treating the infection is the only solution to stop hair fall here.
  • Unhealthy Hair Care: Yes, you are thinking right. Unhealthy hair care is kind of an oxymoron word. In pursuit of getting beautiful hair, you damage what you already have. Using harsh shampoo, frequent blow-drying, too-tight ponytails, etc. can lead to hair loss.
  • Emotional Stress: Life-altering problems such as divorce or the death of a loved one can also lead to hair loss and disruption of your normal hair growth cycle. But, thankfully, normal hair growth usually gets back on its track once the stress is brought under control.
  • Deficiencies: Protein, certain essential vitamins, and a number of other nutrients play a major role in keeping your hair healthy and growing. Deficiency of any of these nutrients can cause hair loss, thinning hair, and even patches of baldness.

Other than these, thyroid problems, certain medications, and autoimmune diseases can also cause hair fall.

Ingredients To Look For In Hair Loss Shampoo

Picking the best shampoo for hair fallis nothing like throwing a dart in the dark and wishing for the best outcomes. If you educate yourself about basic ingredients that should and should not be there in the shampoo, you will choose the right shampoo every time you shop for it.

To ease your job, we have jotted down below the ingredients that make a shampoo effective in stopping hair loss:

  • Keratin Protein: Keratin is one of the most essential proteins, required by your body to build hair and skin. As you can guess, a lack of keratin protein can lead to sudden hair fall. The best shampoo for hair fallmust contain keratin to stop hair fall.
  • Essential Amino Acids: Protein builds your body (including your hair) and amino acids build proteins. The tensile strength and elasticity of your hair fibers also depend on many essential amino acids. So, to reduce the porosity of your hair and stop hair fall, your shampoo should also contain essential amino acids.
  • Biotin: You might already have heard the name Biotin as it is present in most hair care products. It is an active form of the vitamin B complex that strengthens hair follicles and increases hair elasticity. Once you stop hair fall, you will need biotin to achieve a maximum growth rate.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Fungal and bacterial infections often become the reason for hair fall. Tea tree oil can treat all these problems as it has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. If a shampoo doesn’t contain tea tree oil, it can have other antiseptic and antifungal ingredients like onion juice.

Anti-Hair fall Shampoo: The Best One

We tried many shampoos to see which ones work the best for hair fall shampoo and found Mamaearth Onion Shampoo with Onion and Plant Keratin to be the best one. Mamaearth is a brand famous for making toxin-free skin and hair care products with natural ingredients. This time, the brand has ended people’s search for the best shampoo for hair fallwith its onion shampoo.

Here is the ingredients list of the shampoo that does the heavy lifting for your hair:

  • Plant Keratin: As we mentioned earlier, Keratin is needed to build and maintain the strength of your hair. Mamaearth Onion Shampoo contains plant-based Keratin that gives natural smoothness and strength to hair.
  • Wheat Amino Acids: Amino acids derived from Wheat increase the tensile strength of hair fibers and make the hair less prone to damage. Along with that, they reduce the porosity of hair.
  • Soy Amino Acids: Amino acids obtained from soy wear many hats when it comes to hair. They retain moisture in the hair, improve hair manageability and strengthen hair fibers.
  • Onion: This one is the hero ingredient of the shampoo. It boosts blood supply that goes directly to hair follicles which results in a stop at hair fall and an increase in hair growth.

There is a reason why we chose this shampoo over others. Well, not exactly one reason but many. Here is why you should definitely try this shampoo:

  • Gently Cleanses: Harsh chemicals can give you quick results but they are certainly going to damage your hair in the long run. Mamaearth onion shampoo cleanses your hair gently without causing any side effects.
  • Suitable For All Hair Types: Whether you have straight hair or curly types, you can choose this shampoo to combat hair fall.
  • Works Specifically on Hair Fall: Gone are the days of generic-use hair shampoos. You need this onion shampoo that specifically treats hair fall and offers you other benefits on the side.
  • No Parabens & Silicones: This shampoo contains zero harmful chemicals like parabens or silicones.

The Bottomline

Now, you have all the knowledge to get the best shampoo for hair fall. You also know what is our best pick. To choose or not to choose – this is up to you. But we will suggest that it’s better to take a quick decision as your hair demands a solution right now.



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