We want to acquire as many opinions as possible for our workout gear, especially for activewear vendors, because everyone’s fitness regimen is unique. We believe that Apple has accomplished what it set out to do: establish a fitness service accessible to a wide variety of individuals. For the most part, Apple Fitness Plus helps us avoid the pitfalls of a fitness program. 

That track’s length is irrelevant; what matters is whether or not you enjoy the path it takes. Adding more workout alternatives will take some time, but Apple has already included celebrity walk-and-listens, which bodes well for those expecting more.

Apple Fitness Plus Basics 

As long as you’ve got a ton of Apple devices along with your new workout clothes, Fitness+ is a great fit. You’ll need an Apple Watch and an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV) to use the programs. For the most part, it is important to note that most users are forced to use the iPhone’s small display to broadcast because there’s no way to do it on a Mac. 

While working out, your rings will appear at the edge of the screen because the app is linked to your Watch. A reminder of how hard you’ve done and how far you have to go to achieve your goals for the day is provided by this item. This could inspire a lot of people to exercise.

Cardio exercises requiring specific equipment such as cycling, treadmill courses, and rowing are available through the app. If you can’t locate any dumbbells, you may still do well in strength courses by using your body weight as a substitute.

To determine if a class is right for you, you’ll need to read descriptions and watch previews, as there is no way to sort courses based on their equipment needs or even their topic of workout course. 

This is a hassle and a stumbling block that shouldn’t be there. Any fitness software worth its salt should include options for sorting workouts based on their nature and equipment. 

On the other hand, Apple has a wide variety of workout teachers and class types to compensate for its lack of filters. Instructors of all ages and backgrounds are on hand to help students of all abilities succeed.

In addition, there are three levels of teaching available for the strength classes: the prescribed exercise, an advanced version, and a modified version for those with ailments or who need to take it easy. On-demand courses don’t have as many setups as traditional workout videos. 

Peloton, Apple’s main rival in the fitness market, does not provide exercise adaptations. This was a refreshing change for someone who has used Peloton’s classes regularly, and I’d like to see Peloton take a page out of Apple’s book.

Integration with the Apple Watch 

Like previous exercises, the Apple Watch records your activity, workout time, calories burnt, heart rate, and more as you follow along with Fitness+ programs on your wrist. 

You can see your exercise numbers on the Apple Watch, but you can also see them on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV in real-time, so you don’t have to look down at your wrist to see how you’re doing or how many calories you’re burning.

The data from the Apple Watch is shown in a little pane in the top right corner of the Fitness+ interface. 

An animation appears on the screen whenever you reach a goal, such as closing an activity ring. A “Burn Bar” shows you how you compare to other individuals who have completed the exercise, and you’ll see a timestamp during a particularly challenging session to help motivate you even further. 

To utilize Apple Fitness+ on the Apple TV, you must connect Apple Watch to the TV. However, you do not require an Apple Watch to participate in Fitness+ programs on your iPhone or iPad. You may watch the video, but you won’t view the data on the screen while AirPlaying Fitness+ exercises.

Fitness+  Without an Apple Watch 

If you don’t have an Apple Watch, you can still use Fitness+ to track your exercises. You can’t watch workout videos on Apple TV without a synced Apple Watch though. 


Apple Fitness+ for the iPhone and iPad now works with AirPlay 2 thanks to iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 updates. It may now broadcast Apple Fitness+ workouts to an AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV, Mac (macOS Monterey is necessary), or set-top box like the Roku using the Fitness app on an iPhone or iPad via AirPlay 2. 


You don’t need an Apple Watch for Fitness Plus, but it could be an excellent incentive to keep using it if you already own one. Many of Apple’s new services are geared more toward retaining customers than attracting new ones. For the time being, you may stick with Fitness Plus if it’s part of your family’s iCloud storage, purchased as part of the Apple One package.

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