Your home reflects who you are and what you believe in. Feng Shui is a great way to invite positive vibes into your home. Before we dive into the décor tips, you might want to get a better understanding of what feng shui is all about.

Essentially, feng shui refers to an ancient Chinese system that assesses the structure, design, and layout of buildings. This ancient Chinese system also studies the residents of the building, the immediate physical environment, and how the flow of energy interacts with and within all these various elements. 

The word “Feng” means wind, and the word “Shui” means water, as these terms are Chinese and refer to a flying bird and flowing water. The active yet fluid energy is linked with both of these characters and is part of the very essence of their meanings. 

The practice of feng shui can serve to remedy and assess the physical environments that we create for ourselves. Now, the thing is that feng shui doesn’t require you to renovate your home completely. You can make the right small changes here and there and ensure that your home aligns with feng shui. 

Here are some essential tips to align and develop your home with feng shui.

Upgrade the Main Door

The main door of your house is extremely important, which is why you must ensure that the main door is in the ideal condition. The main door of your house reflects wealth. Moreover, energy from the exterior space enters your house from the main door. 

You might think of energy/ Chi as a visitor trying to find your house. You will want to ensure that the main door is attractive and the focal point of the exterior space of your house. Make your home address visible, and also install lighting so that the front door is lit up and beautiful. 

Clean the Hallway

Once the life energy enters your house, you will want to ensure that the hallway and entry hall are decorated beautifully to serve as a serving point to establish a good feng shui. The thing about entry halls is that they can get dirty easily, which is why you will want to ensure that the area is clean and pleasant. 

Install an Indoor Fountain

You might want to install an Indoor Fountain by the entrance of your front door to create a great feng shui. The essential benefit of installing an indoor water fountain is to create perfect balance and harmony along with complementing the special opportunities and energy of your home. 

Nonetheless, you will want to install the indoor fountain in a way that the water flows toward the interior space of your home. This way, you will encourage positive energy to flow inside your house instead of enabling the energy to flow back outside the house. 

Spaces other than the entrance where you can install an indoor fountain are any area that comprises wooden elements. Water is prone to nourish and feed in nature, and plants and trees thrive in the presence of water. 

By installing an indoor fountain near wooden elements, you can help boost relations in the house. If you are working from home, you might want to install an indoor water fountain in your home office to boost productivity and maintain a positive perspective. 

Living Room Décor 

You can use your living room to opt for living room decoration strategically. You will want to start with cleaning and organizing your living room. This way, you can create new opportunities to boost positive energy flow. 

There are several things you can do to boost energy flow, such as adding beautiful mirrors and placing fresh flowers. These simple hacks can instantly boost the vibe and feel of the living room space. When it comes to flowers, you will want to opt for fresh flowers and ensure that the furniture in the living room is perfectly aligned with the available space. 

For instance, you will want to avoid blocking the living room doorway with furniture. Also, make sure that the sofa isn’t leaning against the wall. Again, lighting plays a crucial role in setting the vibe and flow of the entire space. 

You will want to place a warm lamp in the corner to exude warmth and positive energy throughout the living space. 

Bedroom Décor

Regarding feng shui, you will want to decorate your bedroom strategically. You will want to opt for neutral colors in your bedroom to induce a restful and calming interior space. Ideally, you will want to opt for a bed with headboards so that you can place the bed against a solid wall and still create a comfy vibe. 

Make sure that the bed isn’t parallel to the door, as you should position the bed in a way to be able to see the door. To provide support and induce a sense of calm, you might want to opt for wall sconces or place nightstands on both sides of your bed. You can also set up scented candles on the nightstands for an additional touch of warm energy. 

Bathroom Décor

When it comes to feng shui tips in the bathroom, you will want to ensure that the bathroom door is always closed. Also, the bathroom should always be clean, especially the toilet, with the cover closed when it is not in use. The bathroom is the area where wealth and abundance are evacuated. 

That said, you will also want to place plants in the bathroom space strategically. However, make sure to use plants that can thrive in the humid atmosphere of the bathroom space. If you feel like you cannot look after the plants, you can use faux green plants to make the bathroom space lively and fresh. 

Nonetheless, if you are placing bathroom plants in connection to feng shui, you will want to use live plants and place them in water vases. This way, you will be slowing down the money flow in the house and connecting the positive energy from one living space to another. 

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