There is a saying “cleanliness is next to godliness.” And, in recent times, we’ve all become much more aware of hygiene standards, which is quite understandable given the pandemic. 

So if you are looking for the quintessential bathroom design trend in a post-Covid world, it’s definitely going to incorporate new standards of hygiene. Now, with this thought in mind, let’s take a look at some bathroom design ideas and trends for the post-Covid era we’re set to face.

Neutral to Warm Tones

Given that the last years have felt so clinical and cold in some ways, neutral to warm tones can create a soothing and cozy feeling in your bathroom. We’re talking about smooth-looking oatmeals, creams, antique whites, and more. 

The idea is you want to create a room that soothes your soul rather than one that sets your anxiety levels to new highs every time you enter it. To enhance the warmth, you can add soft mood lighting to complement the colors instead of harsh bright lights.

Marble Is Back

There is now a trend of people adopting marble all-around their homes, not just in their bathrooms. It’s a beautiful surface and you’ll appreciate its natural form in a predominantly man-made environment such as your home. 

And, a great way to compliment marble countertops or even feature wall is to get some tasteful plants in your bathroom too. You could opt for a fern or two, for example.

Create a Spa-Like Environment

Spa-themed bathrooms are becoming one of the most popular bathroom design trends. One reason might be is that people have spent a considerable amount of time at home over the past couple of years and they want a space to relax.

Some people even opt for installing steam rooms and saunas! But at minimum, you could treat yourself to some pampering bath salts and tea candles can work a charm.

Hygiene Is on the Agenda

Many people are now investing in restroom and bathroom accessories that promote better hygiene in the home or office. If you have children, having such accessories can help them learn to use similar facilities out in public.

You can find some great examples of hygiene-promoting accessories at For example, they have metal hand dryers and soap dispensers that are easy to clean. These are great for the home and corporate bathrooms.

Mix Modern and Classic Elements

A lot of people are now appreciating more classic elements alongside their modern furniture and appliances. For instance, you could have an antique wooden chair among your super modern faucet. 

You could also opt for historical pictures from your local area on your walls. Or even a picture of older generations in your family. The idea is whenever you enter the bathroom, you enter a little world of its own.

Choosing a Bathroom Design Trend

We think the main bathroom design trend in this post-covid world is a mixture of warmth, comfort, and hygiene. And the main emphasis is to create a relaxing space in your home where you can retreat and recharge.

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