Bongs are getting widely popular these days. Many people are new bongs to bring some new kink to their party. If you are looking for a bong shop and want the best possible deal for you, you will find these tips incredibly helpful. You are more likely to come out as a winner when you have some strategies to play along with. Some simple shopping tips that will help you grab the best bongs online are given here.

Check the return policy.

Return policies are vital for online shopping, especially for bongs. When you buy a new bong, there are high chances that you might not like it. In any case, it is essential to have a genuine return policy. This will make your shopping experience less stressful and more experimental.  It’s important to know that you can return your order without going through many complications.

Know their shipping fees

Various platforms offer incredible deals on shipping charges. On researching, you will find that some platforms offer free shipping while others take minimal fees for processing your order. This means that it is worth taking some time to investigate the different shipping fee structures of different platforms.

Consider the material of the bong.

From time to time, different types of bongs have been developed by various companies. There are many types of glass, including Borosilicate, Pyrex, or soda-lime glass. It is important to note that the material of the bongs plays a vital role in its strength. Always consider the brand when buying a bong. Some companies now offer high-end bongs for sale, made with materials such as copper, titanium, or even diamonds.

Delivery Status and Time

Because bongs are significant and often fragile items, make sure you know how long it takes your seller to ship orders out. You’ll need to factor in shipping time, so pay attention to it. Online bong sellers often pride themselves on their customer service. You must ask yourself whether or not they have a good reputation and can deliver good quality bongs.  

Try out different sizes.

Many people just like to settle on one size and stick with it. However, for those who smoke a lot and want more giant bongs, there are different sizes that you can get to suit your needs.

If you love experimenting, make sure you try a different bong shop for an enhanced smoking experience.



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