If there’s one thing marketing experts will tell you, it’s that the next “big thing” in marketing doesn’t hold a candle to a multichannel marketing approach.

Multichannel marketing takes advantage of multiple advertising strategies. That way, you make contact with a wider audience, including those who only use social media, never use social media, and everyone in between.

If you don’t see the conversion rates you’re looking for, it’s time to revamp your marketing with a few new advertising strategies. We’re here to tell you what you can expect to work in 2022.

Read on for five effective advertising strategies to adopt in the coming year.

1. Segmented Email Campaigns

Email is still a great way to reach previous customers and encourage them to make future purchases. The key is to segment your email list to ensure that your ads are as targeted as possible. Give two to three email campaigns a shot and see how different demographics respond to more targeted messages.

2. Cross-Platform Social Media Ads

Nowadays, it’s risky to rely on a single social media platform. While Facebook remains one of the most-used platforms across the globe, it’s not the best place to reach younger audiences, who may spend more time on Instagram and TikTok. Maximize your social media marketing by creating marketing materials that you can easily post on all platforms, such as videos or infographics.

3. Radio Ads

Believe it or not, a lot of businesses are underestimating the power of the classic radio ad. Commuters still spend a great deal of time listening to the radio and because it’s underutilized for marketing, your business will stand out by making an informative radio ad. In fact, radio ads can reach audiences that haven’t embraced all of today’s modern technology.

4. Print Mailers

A few times a year, it’s worth investing in high-quality print material to mail to your target customers. Print has a way of imprinting on our memory in ways that digital marketing doesn’t, in part because consumers are getting so good at tuning digital content out. Simple postcards, pamphlets, and brochures can help build brand recognition while informing consumers of deals and new specials.

5. Localized Ads

Small businesses benefit the most from advertising strategies that focus on their local community. Take out advertisement space in popular local periodicals, including the Sunday morning newspaper or with ROADSIDE ADVERTISING. Post flyers on community boards, which you can often find in places like coffee shops and even your local library.

Diversify Your Advertising Strategies and See Better Results

Taking a multichannel approach to your advertising strategies is the best way to get consistent and growing conversion rates. These advertising strategies are cost-effective and we guarantee that you’ll see great results when you put them into practice.

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