The documents we create every day are made for various reasons. Some people might draft their resumes and CVs. Others might be making documents related to their respective professions. At some point, they would have to share their documents with other people. Relating to said examples, their purpose might be to get a job or make progress in collaboration.

There is one similarity that can hold true for every person who shares document files. They would want to preserve document formatting and safety of information when doing so. One approach they can take is to look at their documents’ file formats. Most commonly, they are (presumably) in Word format. But, did you know PDFs can retain formatting and security?

Convert your Word files to PDF with GogoPDF

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is an excellent file format when talking about sharing, so it isn’t surprising that many people convert Word to PDF often. As said above, it can preserve document formatting and maintain its contents safe and confidential. See for yourself the many advantages you can get by doing the file conversion.

Converting Word files to PDF is an easy thing to do. It becomes even more so with GogoPDF’s Word to PDF converter. You can use this converter without paying for anything, which is a stark comparison to paid software applications. Moreover, the conversion doesn’t have any complex processes. Thanks to its friendly user interface, the converter is manageable to use. 

  1. Go to GogoPDF’s website and choose the Word to PDF converter.
  2. From your storage, select the Word file you want to convert and upload it to the tool.
  3. GogoPDF’s converter will start the conversion automatically. All you have to do is wait.
  4. Once finished, download your newly converted PDF.

This converter allows you to accomplish the task in as fast as two minutes. As every process occurs on the cloud, you can save a lot of time with the absence of the need for software installation. Rest assured that GogoPDF only utilizes your files for the sake of conversion and nothing else. An hour after, all files you uploaded will be deleted permanently from the server.

How do PDFs keep formatting in place?

We all know that PDF files appear precisely the same across devices, but many do not know how they do so. PDFs essentially function as an image of your document. Such a case is the reason they appear identical to any device you view them on. They will appear as though you have printed physical copies of them already. 

Moreover, PDFs are version-independent. Such a way to describe the means that regardless of which PDF reader you use and how up-to-date it is, PDFs will not undergo any modifications. In comparison, Word files are easily affected by software version differences. The absence of some features can result in your file opening in “Compatibility mode” and have some changes.

Being able to preserve formatting has different uses. One benefit that it can bring about is the accuracy of information. If your document happens to contain numbers, converting it to PDF will ensure that no piece of data gets modified. This reduces the risk of errors. Another advantage is that you would not make things hard for your recipient with a messed-up file. 

Are PDFs really secure?

Yes, they are. It is widely agreed upon that the Portable Document Format is the most secure file format relative to the others. The main reason behind this consensus is that people can encrypt their PDF files with passwords. Moreover, the two types of PDF passwords that they can use allows them to have some level of control over their files.

The first type, which is the user password, primarily acts as a key to open your PDFs. Meanwhile, the other type is called the master or permissions password. The second type allows one to restrict what other people who have access to the file can do. For instance, it is possible to disallow copying, editing, printing, and actions similar to them. 

Confidentiality and privacy of information is a serious matter in every nook and cranny of society. If some sensitive information gets leaked, it might incur legal liabilities and even financial losses. Keeping the safety of information is necessary. PDFs grant you this ability, and such a situation makes this file format much more useful than meets the eye.


Word files are not without their merits. They’re admittedly one of the best when it comes to editing your documents. Nonetheless, PDF files are without a doubt the best to use in the context of online file transmission. It does not only help keep formatting in place, but it can also fortify information privacy. Convert your Word files now with GogoPDF’s Word to PDF converter. We guarantee you satisfaction with their awesome features!


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