Are you looking to record music for a web or television series for the first time?

Music plays a major role in film and TV. It tells us when to feel sad, scared, or happy. It helps illuminate scenes and drive action forward. Without music, you won’t be able to bring your series to life. However, before you begin recording music or videos series for uploading on Avple site, there are some things you need to know. 

Read on to find out. 

Get the Right Equipment 

Recording music for a series all starts with gathering the right equipment. While the equipment is a big investment, it’ll help you create music of the highest quality. Here’s what you’ll need:

Laptop or Desk Computer: Recording music on a smartphone is not ideal, so make sure you have a quality laptop or desktop computer for recordings. Make sure it has enough memory, RAM, and processing power to run recording studio software. 

Digital Audio Workstation: This is your recording software. Basically all digital audio workstations perform the same functions, so we suggest picking one and learning it inside out. 

Microphone and Mic Stand: Unless you’re only producing beats, you’ll need a microphone and mic stand to get the job done. 

Audio Interface: This is the device you plug into your mic and your computer so you can record music at a professional level. 

Headphones and Monitors: If you’ll be recording any live vocals or instruments, you’ll need a pair of headphones. Without headphones, the sound from the monitors will bleed into the recording. 

Choose the Right Recording Space 

If you’re going to be recording music from your home, choose a large room, and ideally, one that isn’t shaped like a square. Square rooms can create standing waves that disrupt your recording session. Instead, you want to choose a room with an odd shape. 

To create the right recording environment, we also recommend soundproofing the room and investing in acoustic treatment. You can place acoustic panels directly behind your monitor or on the walls directly opposite your monitors. 

You may also want to invest in diffusers to break up the sound in your recording space. Other wise investments include voice reflection filters and bass traps. You can also check out this site for some of the gear you might need. 

Create a Space That Sparks Creativity 

Aside from the practical investments you need to make for your studio space, it’s also important to think about some inspirational investments. 

Think about the type of environment you need to spark inspiration and creativity. For some people, this means decorating the room with art, eliminating all distractions from the room, or choosing specific furniture for the room. 

Recording Music: Are You Ready to Get Started?

Recording music for a web series can be a challenging and inspiring process. With the steps above, you should be able to start recording in no time. Avple

Be sure to check back in with our blog for more production tips! 



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