The priority of most artists on Spotify is to get more recognition. They need to know the significant ways to promote their music on the platform and integrate ideas into their overall music marketing strategy. The following tips can help musicians grow their Spotify plays.

Music promotion on Spotify

Spotify for artists

Musicians can carry out many Spotify promotions on the platform. However, they should first claim and verify their artist profile. Artists can update their profile, manage their video and audio ads, and view their tracks’ stats in the Spotify for Artists section. Here are some Spotify promotion tips for increasing engagement they can apply if they have verified their Spotify for artists’ accounts.

  • Update your profile

Artists should include relevant photos on their Spotify profiles to give their fans an insight into their brands. They can share a favorite or new tracks with the artist pick option and add links to playlists they would like to appear on.

  • Build their Spotify followers

An artist’s followers are a significant determinant of the performance of a track in an organic Spotify promotion. According to the platform, followers are like subscribers to an artist’s mailing list on Spotify.

Followers help push tracks to Release Radar and Discover Weekly playlists and Spotify’s new release emails. On Fridays, users receive these emails highlighting about ten new songs from artists they follow. Besides Spotify, followers can spread the credibility and relevance of artists elsewhere.

How artists can view their Spotify followers

Artists can see users who follow their Spotify profile when they click on the “Followers” button. Unfortunately, they can’t see people who follow them on Spotify playlists. The feature isn’t available for playlists.

How artists can increase their Spotify followers

The following tips can help artists get more followers to improve the performance of their music on Spotify.

  • Artists should embed a follow button on their websites to convert visitors to followers.
  • They can request on social media for people to follow them, like and share their tracks.
  • They can also send messages to their email list requesting fans to follow them.

Pitch to playlists

If done correctly, playlist promotion can help artists extend their reach and grow their monthly listeners. Artists should know the different playlists available on Spotify and get their tracks featured on them.

Use appealing visuals

With the canvas feature, artists can create fantastic visuals to accompany their tracks and increase engagement with their music. However, this feature isn’t available to all Spotify users.

Add song’s lyrics

Artists can increase engagement by getting their songs’ lyrics displayed on Spotify. By signing up on Musixmatch and Genius, they can simultaneously make the lyrics show up on Spotify with their music.

Create playlists

Artists can engage fans by creating playlists. Besides, it will help them build relationships with other artists in their genre. Reaching out to artists featured in the playlists may result in future placement if these artists become Spotify playlist curators.

Use Artist Pick for new release promotion

Artists can use the artist pick section on their profile to share their latest releases. They can also use it to highlight their favorite album or playlists to their fans. A short message on the shared content can also engage their followers.

Artists can also use Spotify ad studio to create and manage their ads on the platform. They can specify their targets like fans of their genre or a particular artist. Besides, Spotify Algorithm also helps music promotion on the streaming platform.