By utilizing the PICME (Pregnancy and Infant Cohort Monitoring and Evaluation) tool provided by this program, expectant mothers can readily access vital information along with essential services: an approach that ultimately advances safer motherhood while fostering healthier outcomes for babies. An initiative by the Tamil Nadu government.

The Importance of Tracking Pregnant Women

To secure the well-being of both mother and child, one must guarantee comprehensive healthcare during pregnancy. Regular check-ups; accessibility to essential treatments; and timely interventions, these factors are pivotal in reducing complications: they ensure a successful gestation period.

How Does the PICME Work?

The system serves as a centralized registry: it allows healthcare providers to effectively monitor the pregnant women under their care. Through the convenience of PICME Login, expectant mothers can tap into an extensive array of services; this includes but is not limited to antenatal care, immunization schedules and postnatal follow-up options.

Advantages of the PICME System

1. Efficient Management of Maternal Healthcare

Maintaining a comprehensive database of expecting mothers, healthcare providers can efficiently manage the care of pregnant women using the PICME; this tool enables them to identify with ease those in need of specific care: high-risk pregnancies or specialized treatments.

2. Access to Essential Services and Information

Pregnant women, anticipating the arrival of their bundle of joy, may employ the Login: a gateway to copious services and information concerning their pregnancy. The system guarantees an array from educational resources on prenatal care; through notifications regarding upcoming appointments ensuring that our mothers-to-be remain well-informed, empowered and proactive in health management.

3. Improved Coordination and Continuity of Care

The PICME system enables diverse healthcare providers engaged in a woman’s pregnancy to coordinate their efforts seamlessly. The system fosters flawless communication and collaboration among all involved medical professionals, thereby guaranteeing an essential continuum of care from registration through delivery and postnatal services for an accomplished pregnancy journey.

4. Enhanced Tracking and Follow-Up

By offering an efficient way to monitor the progress of each pregnancy, the Login facilitates early identification of potential red flags or deviations from the normal course. This enables healthcare providers to intervene promptly; thus, they can minimize complications and enhance outcomes for mother and child alike.

Getting Started with PICME Login

Pregnant women may enroll in the PICME system by visiting their nearest government healthcare facility or approaching authorized registration centers. Upon completion of the registration process, they shall obtain unique login credentials; these will grant them access to the PICME portal.

  • Click on the link: www.picme.tn.gov.in this leads you to the official portal
  • Provide your username and your password in the required fields
  • Fill the Captcha field with the code supplied, it is located directly beneath an unoccupied space
  • Click on the submit option


The PICME system exemplifies the Tamilnadu government’s commitment to fostering safer motherhood and healthier infants: it harnesses technology, constructs an integrated platform allowing healthcare providers to efficiently coordinate and supervise prenatal care. Through a secure login ensured by PICME, expecting mothers conveniently access vital services, information; they also receive continuous support during their entire journey through pregnancy all underscored with our dedication towards enhancing maternal health outcomes.

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