Everyone is making plans and new years resolutions. You can help your children make resolutions for themselves. You can never be old enough to learn new-age parenting trends and tips. Spend more time together as a family. It can include a game night, a visit to a museum, or you can exercise together to stay fit and healthy. Do something once a week to keep the connection alive.

Here are some new year parenting resolutions for 2022 that ensure the building of bonds between the family and your well-being.

  1. Don’t Hear, But Listen:

Parents often hear what their kid is babbling, but we actually listen to them very few times. It makes them feel that we have ignored their opinions or their feelings. It would be best if you built enough patience in yourself to listen to everything your child is saying and acknowledge them. Parents need to keep the communication line open and discuss problems.

To listen and respond accordingly is as important as feeding your child. It is a selfless act in which you put their needs above yours, and it shows them that you care about their feelings. It builds confidence and grows your child’s self-esteem that what they also say matters. Put yourself in their shoes and think how you would feel if others just listened to you to respond only, making your feelings invalidated.

  1. A Healthy Diet:

We know that kids love to binge on junk food, and often it is tough to keep them away from unhealthy food. Encourage kids to eat healthy food and reward them if required to motivate them. As a part of your new year’s resolution, try out new healthy but tasty recipes that may attract your kids to eat them. Introduce more fruits and vegetables in their daily diet and don’t force them to eat. Instead, try colorful recipes to gain their interest.

  1. Open to Ideas:

Don’t lag in learning new skills as a parent. It is as crucial as making your child learn new things. Read and discuss recent parenting trends to raise the child that is going on today. It would be best if you talked to your children about their challenges and gave them solutions.

  1. Focusing on Child’s Mental Health:

Today’s digital world is causing anxiety, low self-esteem, depressions, etc. Similarly, a race to win in the academic session puts too much pressure and stress on children. Today, children are either spending their time studying or spending their leisure time on their gadgets dwelling on the internet. There is no time for outdoor play games or family sittings. These combined reasons are giving rise to mental health problems. Don’t ignore the signs of mental disorders and address them without delay before it goes out of hand.

  1. Selfcare Routine:

Parental fatigue affects your physical and mental health and the relationship between you and your child. It would help if you took some time out for yourself in your busy schedule and commitments. You need “me time” to relax and refresh. You can do multiple things on your self-care day. Like watching movies, taking beauty sleep, planning a dinner with friends, going to a spa, or any other activities; that makes you forget the stress of daily chores.

  1. Playing/Reading To Kids:

We need to spend more time playing or reading to kids rather than cleaning the house. Invest in quality time with your kids. Your children will not remember the perfect and shining clean house but the memories you spent together. Reading with your children is also an excellent way to keep them away from the screen. You can use a book with pictures to read at bedtime.

  1. Travel as Family:

Traveling more as a family will open a window to spend time together as a family. New places and destinations will give them an awareness of the worldwide cultures and traditions. A weekend getaway or long vacation has its benefits. Coming close to natural beauty, meeting new people, or tasting fresh foods enhances your children’s general views. Travelling makes your child responsible as they have their role as a family unit.

  1. Stop Hovering Over Child:

If you are an overprotective parent, you need to take a step back to let your child have fresh air. Don’t hover over your child as an obsessive parent. Being overprotective can deteriorate their overall development. Don’t dictate them at every step and do things on their behalf, instead use a monitoring app to look after them. If you don’t do it, they will eventually fail to be independent and learn basic skills of adulthood.

  1. Unplug More:

Technology is connecting us digitally but disconnecting in person. Parents are devoted to their work, and children do their homework online or play games online. Everyone is busy with their gadgets. We need to get off the internet tools for a certain period each day. Too much time spent on the internet is the reason for anxiety. Disconnecting from the digital world can be an excellent new year’s resolution as you focus on your life and your family. Make some rules for the dinner tables or activities as a family where gadgets will not be allowed. You will control the quality of time spent with family rather than reading emails or socializing on online social media.

Make a new year’s resolution of putting away the cellphones, iPad, TV remote, or PC when you come home, for at least till you hit the bed.

  1. Assign Chores:

Being a parent doesn’t mean that you have to do everything yourself. Family is not a one-man show kind of system. Instead, spread the household responsibilities evenly among all family members (according to their age and capabilities). Assignment of chores and reminding kids to do them can be as stressful as doing it by ownself. However, you can define the weekly duties and add rewards or punishment if done or not done respectively.

Get your children involved more in chatting, cleaning up the house, helping in cooking and setting the meal on the table, etc. Time is flying, and it won’t stop your children from growing. Spend as much time with them as you can.

  1. Eat Dinner Together:

Magic happens at the dinner table with everyone sitting around as a family, making it a perfect new year’s resolution. Eating meals together and having chats generate the feeling of interest and involvement in each other’s lives. Show them your interest in their daily routine and school stories.

You can keep track of their online activities with any monitoring app. Still, the gesture of talking while eating implies that you want to stay aware of their daily routine. Indulge in tasty meals together in the gadget’s free time. It results in better nutrition and better teen behavior.

  1. Encourage Your Child:

When parents are overworked or burned out, they generally take it out on their children. Words have a deeper impact on children, and the wrong choice of words can dishearten them easily. A hurtful comment can cut deeper than we can imagine. So as a part of the new year’s resolution, parents should encourage their children more with kind words.

Encouragement uplifts their spirit and boosts their self-confidence. Make them feel that you will be there for them in every way; it will positively impact the bond between you and them.

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Parenting can be tricky, but it is sweet at the same time. New year’s resolutions may contain many things for a parent to add to their bucket list. But only the best possible and achievable resolutions last. All the list mentioned above of resolutions can help you build trust and bond within the family. It enlightens any underlying mental health problems that are solvable.