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Bet9ja Old Mobile is an online betting platform where we can make a bet on various games. A platform where we can play games with real money and can do real money withdrawal. On Old-mobile.bet9ja.com /home platforms we can try our luck.

We can even do live streaming on this site. There are list of games available on this site to bet on. Casino and slots are the two main attractive gaming models.

About old-mobile.bet9ja.com /home

www.bet9ja.com old mobile is a digital platform where you can enjoy playing games in order to win real cashback. This site offers big discounts on their betting league. They do offer welcome bonus to the newly registered users.

Bet9ja old mobile have created a traditional and attractive look of their interface, it’s like a old phone models. On their front interface we get to see numbers of options to opt for on the basis of our mood.

We can play the games as well as we can make a bet on it at the same time. A digital medium to explore entertainment. This site is not a legal or an authorised site. They don’t care about your privacy as it is not a secured platform.

They provide various coupons and top gaming options. To explore it in depth you need to login into this site. It is an official site of Nigeria where they accept betting legal and authorised.

The acceptance of this site depends on country to country. For some it is part of enjoyment and for some old-mobile.bet9ja.com /home.aspx is not a legit platform to be used.

old-mobile.bet9ja.com /home profile

On their front interface or home page they provide all the top features to the users. They have enlisted the various categories on the interface.

  • New Mobile
  • Login
  • Register
  • Bet
  • Live
  • Bet9ja league
  • Spin and win
  • Snakes
  • Promotion
  • Casino
  • How to play
  • Results
  • Rules.

How to download old-mobile-bet9ja-com application?

  • Open the official site through the available link on browser.
  • Go for the download option.
  • Do the Installation of the application.
  • Go for sign in option and do the sign in processing.
  • Create an account and do the login.
  • Enjoy making a bet and earning Some extra income.

How to create an account at old-mobile.bet9ja.com /home.aspx?

  • Search for the official site of the bet9ja.com
  • Click on the official link of this site.
  • Go on the sign in option and create an account on it.
  • After successfully doing the sign in, you’ll get an ID and Password.
  • Use that ID and Password to do the login.

How to reset or recreate a password on old-mobile.bet9ja.com /home?

  • Open the digital link of the site on the browser or through application.
  • Go on the home page of the site:- old-mobile.bet9ja.com /home.aspx.
  • Click on the login in option, and search for forget password option.
  • Click on the forget password option and add the input.
  • Once creating a new password do the submission.
  • Go back to the login page and try doing the login through created password.

Categories to explore on www.bet9ja.com old mobile

It is a complete package which have varieties and flexibility. You can explore this site to an unlimited extent. The categories which they offers includes: Highlight, Soccer, Live, Upcoming, Help and support, Zoom, Casino, lotto, blog, League, Top events, Super9ja, Virtual and Check bets.

Top 10 Benefits of Bet9ja old mobile

This is a digital site or platform where you can enjoy real money, high cashback and easy accessibility. A place where you burst your stress and load.

  • It is an online site where you can enjoy all kinds of betting.
  • Easy sign in and login in process.
  • They have numbers of gaming to enjoy.
  • Smooth and user friendly interface.
  • Live streaming and betting is possible on this site.
  • They provide welcome bonus and referral bonus to their users.
  • You can enjoy winning real money on this platform.
  • A Togel site where you can try your own luck.
  • Easy withdrawal and flexible payment options.
  • They provide bet, fast bet and betslip to their registered users.

Limitations of Bet9ja.com

Every possible things in this world have limitations and drawbacks. Some of the major drawback of this site are:

  • In some countries it a legit and for some it is not.
  • They demand a minimum deposit amount before making a bet.
  • A platform which is subjected high risks.
  • It makes people greedy and it creates a habitat to regular play.
  • Online site are subjected to have technical error.
  • It is not safe and secured portal to add your private details.
  • It may create a misuse of your private data.

How to become an agent on old-mobile-bet9ja-com?

It is a Nigerian betting site. They provide an option to became an agent on their platform. By becoming an agent you have to do the promotion of this site. You have highlight the positive factors on the screen.

They have a registration link for becoming an agent. Open their site and search for agent, you will be redirected to a page from where you can apply for this post. They’ll provide extra monetary and non- monetary benefits to their agents.

By becoming an agent you can gain experience, attractive commission, unique products and professionalism. It is a six step process.


  1. Submission of your document to this site.
  2. Check of document and location.
  3. Introductory conversation with our filed staff in person.
  4. Verifications of premises.
  5. Signing of the agent contract.
  6. Get your shop ready to go with under the guidance of profession staff.

Alternatives of old-mobile-bet9ja-com

One or the other sites like this are upcoming on the browser on a regular basis. Competition in this business is comparatively higher. Thousands of sites are operating legally and illegally on media.

People fall in the trap of money and greediness. To attract more traffic on their site, they give competitive offers to the people.

Some of the top listed alternatives of Bet9ja.com are:

  • Flashscore.com
  • Soccer24.com
  • Forebet.com
  • Rajbet.com
  • Prosoccer.com
  • Merrybet.com
  • 1xbet.com
  • Casinous.com
  • Topindiancasino.com
  • Sportybet.com and more.


Old-mobile-bet9ja-com is a digital site which provides any time accessibility to the users. A platform where you can double your money by making a bet. There are various categories on which you can make a bet, from soccer to casino, on everything.

We, as responsible creators don’t promote or acknowledge such sites. We are here to provide you a brief information about various aspects of business and more. It depends on you whether to try your luck on this site or to work harder in real field.

This article contains all the necessary information about this site. A platform which have both the angles to be judged, choose your angle responsibly. Although, as per the Nigeria government beliefs it is not banned over there.

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