The data of many SEO tools do say that Bollyflix is a website that has been visited by a number of people all over the world and the number comes in millions. It does tell a lot about the website that offers movie in premium quality.

Bollyflix is a pirated website that is famous for stealing the content from makers around the world and upload the content over there and let people watch the content for free. This does indeed tell a lot about how these websites do use torrent mediums for making sure that it can spread content for free. Hence, it has made the website famous all over the world. Despite people talk about ethics, there is still a large section who do not want to waste money at all to go and buy tickets at box office or buy a subscription of OTT platform.

Hence, it is the reason these torrent websites have become famous all over the world as they do provide content for free. It is bad to promote piracy and hence, one should tell how bad it makes things.

From HD movies to dual audio, Bollyflix does have a mix of everything and that is what makes the webiste special and creative.

The website is known mostly for Bollywood and pan Indian content like Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Gujrati, Marathi, Bengali and many others.

So stick with us we would tell you about everything you should know about the website/platform…

Is there any difference between Bollyflix and Bollyflix pro?

Bollyflix and Bollyflix pro are the same website, it is just that they use this keyword URL also. It happens because the officials do block the domain and hence for keeping the website active, Bollyflix tries to change the URLs so they can stay active on the internet. Hence, they have been seen coming up with keywords like bollyflix maza, bollyflix., bollyflix movie, bollyflix cc, bollyflix movies and bollyflix net.
This is why it becomes very hard for the government and India and others to block the website and it shows how despite so many laws, these IT brains have the power to stay active on internet.

Hence, all these keywords are same as they do open the same website.

Is it safe to use?

Bollyflix is not at all safe to use as it is a torrent website. Hence, it is not feasible to say that website is safe to use.

To the plus side, they have SSL certificate that keeps the data safe and there are millions of people who are using the website and nothing that serious happened to their systems. However, it is still best to not see this website as totally as you never know what can happen. Maybe downloading a movie can lead malware to enter into your website.

Hence, it is better to not use a website like this as you never know how your data is being used and who is using the data and whatever website is banded by the governments around the world should not be used at all.

Is Bollyflix legal?

Bollyflix is not a legal website as they do use torrent mediums to upplight a website. It is a pirated website that use illegal methods to leak the content. Hence, using this website goes against the law. In India, United States and other places, there are laws coming up and these laws are not at all good for those who try to watch a movie, TV show or web series on a website like Bollyflix.

Many might say that nothing happens to those who do use the website. It is a fact but laws are changing and any day it can lead to major problems.

Hence, it is better to read the laws related to these websites first before thinking about using the website for just downloading a movie…

Bollyflix – Features

Bollyflix does have some features that one can talk about….
• It covers all kinds of genres like Action. Horror, Drama, Thriller, Science fiction, Drama, Comedy, Romance, Western Adventure, Crime film, Comedy Fantasy, Documentary Romantic, comedy Narrative, Musical Animation, Mystery Music, Science fiction, Noir War Dark comedy and many others.
• The website does upload latest movies soon after they come in public or OTT series soon after they releases.
• From 240p to Full HD and sometimes 4k, the website does cover all kinds of movies.
• They do provide many file sizes to download, starting from 300mb mostly and sometimes less also.
• Most of the latest movies would be available on home screen.
• They do have dual audio feature also.
• They do cover all of Indian cinema and related content – several languages.
• The UI of the website is simple.
• They have categorised the content genes also.
• There is a search bar option also.

Are there any advantages of using Bollyflix?

One can’t deny that there are advantages of using Bollyflix and hence, it is a very on-demand website.
• The website is free to use and does not ask to add any credit cards and bank details.
• They have mix of movies, TV shows and web series.
• The website does have multiple Indian languages movies, Hollywood and other famous content from all over the world.
• The website does have SSL certificate.
• One can open the website anywhere on PC, laptop or tablet.
• It does work well with low to medium internet speed.
• The website does work most of the time very well.
• They do have come up with latest features from time to time.

Disadvantages of Bollyflix

Here some corns of the website…
• Bollyflix does have use pirated content.
• The website is illegal to use.
• It is unlawful to download the content from this website.
• It does hit the makers who do make the original content,
• The website does use so many pop-up advertisements.
• It does have some 18 plus content.
• Sometimes the website opens some adult websites from pop ads.
• They do steal the content from others and make businesses face major problems.
• It promotes torrent and pirated websites.
• It does show paid content for free.

How can open download a movie from Bollyflix?

Downloading a movie from Bollyflix works like normal only…

• The user should type “Bollyflix” on search bar.
• The first result will be the website.
• Click on the link and it will open the website.
• Pick the movie you want to download.
• If you do not see your movie or series on home page, type the name of the movie or search bar and it will come.
• Click on the movie and after that the next page will open.
• After that one can see various formats to download a movie.
• Click on the preferred file size and after some seconds the movie will start downloading.
However, make sure to know that downloading a content from a website like this is not legal and it can lead one to major problems.


Bollyflix is an illegal website and we are not supporting such websites. Our aim is to tell viewers about the website, so they can know or how good or bad it is for them to respect the website like this. Our aim is always to make the internet is a safer place and hence, we feel our duty to right about this, so Google and other platforms can become a much better place. Our respect is with those who try to make internet is a better place and tell about pirated content.

How Telegram helps a website like Bollyflix?

On other social media accounts also, Bollyflix and others sites link can be shared but one thing is for sure that Telegram groups do help these websites to share the links and leaks a movie, web series and TV shows. Telegram allows to make groups like these and they do not take action against them. Hence, it becomes a very hard job for officials to track these links down. As Telegram has become famous all over the world, it does help pirated websites to promote their content from one way to other. It does go against the law and Telegram, it looks, is not taking major actions against them.

What are alternatives of Bollyflix

  • Vegamovies
  • Pagalworld
  • Skymovieshd
  • Bolly4u
  • DownloadHub

And there are a number of websites growing like this.

What are legal alternatives?

There are many legal alternatives to Bollyflix and they all cover the same content but in legal manner, so it would be better to use these following websites…

• Netflix
• Amazon Prime Videos
• Jio Cinema
• ZEE5
• Hotstar
• Sony LIV
• MX Player
• TVF Player

And there are many other websites like this…


Bollyflix is a website that allows one to leak the content from Bollywood, Hollywood and other Indian religion cinema. This does tell all about how leaking the content is so easy even now. Despite the website is banned, the data does show that there are many people who do use the website and download the movie and the rise in internet speed has indeed helped this process in a better manner. It does show that how these websites are still growing despite there are laws against piracy all over the world, not just in India. This does tell a lot about the need of content in cheaper rates also. It is something content makers and brands associated with it should think.


Q. What is Bollyflix?

Bollyflix is an illegal website that is famous for leaking movies, web series and TV shows.
Q. Who are the makers of Bollyflix?

The owners/makers of a website like Bollyflix do like to keep their identity personal, so it helps them to promote illegal content as they can go behind the bars are any time.

Q. How many movies can I download from Bollyflix?

One can download a number of movies from Bollyflix.

Q. Is Bollyflix works well with VPN?

Yes, many times Bollyflix does work very well with the VPN.

Q. Should I use Bollyflix?

One is free to use any website and we can’t point out and push our views on this question.


By adarsh