Allmovieshub is a torrent website which is famous for leaking the contact all over the world. This does tell all about how these pirated websites play a major role in spreading the content for free and hence, it does make an impact in box office numbers and others.

Allmovieshub is famous for providing all movies in one roof and it helps people to download these movies for free or they are watch the movie online for free. It allows movie to download in multiple formats from 240p to 4k. They do cover movies from romantic genre to thriller.

This is the way that helps them to make the website Allmovieshub. But the sad part is that all the collection is illegal and should not be used as the government has banned the website in India, United States, Europe and many other parts of the world.

The website does take any movie, TV series and web series without the permission of the  makers and they sell it for free than and make money with pop up ads. Hence, a website like this has millions of views according to the data seen on the SEO platforms. These does tell a lot about how the torrent websites are making millions of USD despite it is banned.

How does Allmovieshub work if they are banned?

Indian government and others have banned the domain of Allmovieshub. But they do work very well as the makers do keep on changing the URL and hence tracking them down is very hard task to do.

These are some of the URLs they have used…

  • allmovieshub .com
  • allmovieshub com
  • allmovieshub in
  • allmovieshub. Com
  • allmovieshub.
  • allmovieshub .in
  • allmovieshub de
  • allmovieshub info
  • allmovieshub pro

These are the keywords that we have found from SEO tools and they do show a lot of traffic. It means people do search about the website in these very ways and there are many other URLs like these that do come from time to time. Hence, it is very hard for domians to kill from the core.

Allmovieshub – Movies HD

Allmovieshub allows one to download movies in HD and some in 4k also. They do start the picture resolution from 240p and hence everybody can download the movie.

Allmovieshub is famous for providing content from Bollywood, Hollywood. Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Korean and many more.

From anime films to Bollywood classics, they have covered the all. This does help the website makers to cover everybody and not let anybody go away from the website as they can download or watch it online.

This is why the website has millions of hits all over the world as people do crave for content for free.

Guide To Download A Movie From Allmovieshub

  • First of all, one has to type “Allmovieshub”.
  • After that one can click on the first link.
  • It will open the home page.
  • Latest content would be on homepage.
  • Rest one can type on search bar and find the movie.
  • Click on the movie title and open the next page.
  • Here you will find many file sizes to download.
  • After clicking on download now button, it will start to download content.

But it is worth to remember that downloading the content from the website is not legal and should not be done as it does promote piracy for which officials around the world are working hard. And people downloading a movie means one is taking money away from the pockets of the makers.

Allmovieshub APK

  • One should type Allmovieshub APK on Google.
  • There will be some links coming that would allow one to download the app.
  • After downloading the app, one can install the application.
  • It does allow a third-party app to comes in to your smartphone.

But it can lead some viruses onto your system. There is no official report of this happening on internet but it can happen as third-party apps are not famous at all.

These apps are not available on Play Store or App Store and hence, it means that the app is banned from entering into the system of app stores.


Allmovieshub – Are There Safety Issues?

Allmovieshub or any website like this where they leak the content is not at all safe. Hence, it is something one should remember that using the website can lead to let your device have some virus and these viruses would make the overall structure of device very hard and it can steal the data away from the website.

This does tell a lot about the third-party websites as one can never trust on these platforms despite, they have SSL certificate and they do not ask for a person to enter the bank details. There are many people who do use this website and everything goes well with them. But it is illegal to use torrent website, so one has to think about it from the deep before using a website like this. 

Allmovieshub – Is it legal to use a website?

Allmovieshub is not legal to use a website like this as a it a torrent website – but there are a lot many people who do use it in India, US and all over the world because one does not go behind the bars one uses it.

This does tell a lot about how these illegal websites play a major role in spreading the content for free and it leads to major losses at box office or on subscription for OTT platforms. All this happens because these platforms do steal the content from others and make upload on the website. The governments have banned this website around the world and has made it illegal to use. Hence, it is not acceptable to use a website like Allmovieshub as it does set bad examples.

How does Allmovieshub spread content?

Allmovieshub does use internet to promote their work. They do use social media channels like Instagram and others but they do not push such content but Telegram has become the tool that helps these websites to promote their content ahead and make a movie, series or TV show go viral.

It helps them to promote the website ahead and make many others follow the same look and feel and join a website like this for watching the content for free and do not worry about others. 

Telegram groups have become the key place where people do like to share the content and make it go viral without many knowing from the outside.

Allmovieshub Pros

  • The website does allow to download and stream the content for free.
  • They do upload the latest content very fast.
  • They do not ask to add any card or bank details.
  • Allmovieshub does work in multiple devices like desktop or smartphone.
  • It does provide content in all the gernes.
  • It gives people chance to watch latest content under one roof.
  • It does allow a person to save money.
  • The website works well with the VPN.

Allmovieshub Cons

  • It is not legal to use. 
  • It does promote torrent websites.  
  • They do steal the content and earn a lot of money from it.
  • The website does earn money from pop up ads.
  • It does push people to download third-party app.
  • It does promote unethical practices.
  • The website does leak the content without taking the permission of others.
  • It is not safe to use the website as it a third-party website. 
  • They do push for movie mafia culture.

What are alternatives to Allmovieshub?

The data of Allmovieshub doe tell that those who visit this website go to following pirated websites like…

  • Vegamovies
  • Pagalworld
  • Skymovieshd
  • Bolly4u
  • DownloadHub

But these websites are also not at all safe to use and are banned from internet.

Legal alternatives 

There are some legal alternatives to Allmovieshub like…

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Voot
  • Jio Cinema
  • Hotstar
  • Sony LIV
  • ZEE5
  • MX Player
  • TVF Player

These are legal alternatives and should be used for the good…


Allmovieshub is an illegal website and it should not used. However, there are millions of people who do use this website for downloading a movie or watch it online. But it is not safe and legal to use it as the officials have banned the website and hence, these rules should be respected.


Allmovieshub is a website which promotes pirated content and hence, we do not support it at all. Hence, we just want to provide the information so it can help people to know these websites can be dangerous for people to use. Hence, it is what we are against as piracy is something we can’t support at all. This is why all we are saying to stay away from these websites and make internet a place to learn and earn.


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