New York Sanitized Car Service and based on the study by The England Journal of Medicine claimed that infection by 51 years old Thai driver could spread the infection to multiple groups of people. The driver claimed he got the infection after transport a Chinese tourist which was on the face mask . You can check the full article here ” Journey of a Thai Taxi Driver and Novel Coronavirus“The study claimed that the virus is airborne and being on mask is not enough.

Though New York Sanitized Car Service (JetBlack Transportation) decided to go hard on our cleaning to add more steps to break the infection spread chain by disinfect the vehicle multiple times a day, typically after each ride. Provide client with hand sanitizer and our chauffeur keep his mask on during the trip. Keep the windows open to ensure the air flow in the vehicle to assure we do our part to our community. Our chauffeur using high caution process between each ride to make sure our client getting the most safe and clean ride.Visit here; Car service New York.

New York Sanitized Car Service procedures prefer to hire large vehicle for passenger more than two passengers to get SUV booked. four to six passengers to book a van. JetBlack practices the social distance between the passengers in the vehicle. check limo fleet section and decide to get the most proper limousine for you that facilitate the social distance. Book limo online using your mobile phone or call us if you have a question, make sure you have the safest ride in New York we follow the CDC regulation to provide New York Sanitized Car Service.

Limousine service in New York City

New York is one of the most vibrant and inspiring cities in the world, regarded as both the cultural and economic center of the United States. With a population of over 8 million and hosting hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, it can be a stressful city to navigate with simple A to B city trips (more often than not) taking significantly longer than planned. New York taxi drivers are notorious, known for their less-than-polite manner, often refusing rides to those who wish to travel out of the borough in which they are based, or, refusing rides full-stop on a whim – despite the illegality of both these actions. With Blacklane’s limousine hire, you are guaranteed a safe and professional alternative to a New York taxi service, delivered by one of our discreet and polite chauffeurs. No matter where you are heading in the city, be it Manhattan, Brooklyn, Jersey or Queens, you will arrive feeling fresh and free of stress. You can book your ride in advance online, so you can be sure you will never be left curbside attempting to hail a cab at rush hour or in the rain – both times at which securing a taxi in New York City can be a challenging feat.


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