Myths That You Should Stop Believing About the Sciatica

Your sciatic nerve is crucial regarding the sensation in your lower body parts. Essentially, this largest nerve in your body passes through your buttocks to connect your legs with your central nervous system. In addition, the sciatic nerve helps you make steps and move swiftly from one place to another. Unfortunately, your sciatic nerve may not execute the sensory and motor functions effectively if you have sciatic pain. In that case, you should seek Fair Lawn sciatica treatment to continue living on top of your life. When anticipating your appointment, here are the myths concerning sciatica that you should stop believing.

The Sciatic Pain Only Occurs in the Buttocks Region

While some patients with sciatica experience pain in their buttocks, the pain is not always limited to this area. For example, you may have discomfort in your leg, which could limit your mobility. Other patients could be unfortunate to experience pain on both sides of their bodies.

Therefore, if you have any musculoskeletal pain, you should visit a professional chiropractor to detect the source of that discomfort.

Sciatica Cannot Trigger Nerve Damage

Individuals having sciatic pain console themselves that these symptoms will never trigger nerve damage putting them to more complications. The failure to seek timely treatment usually triggers damage along the sciatica nerve, which exposes the patients to bowel incontinence. In addition, permanent nerve damage can hinder sensation within your legs, exposing you to injuries without knowing.

Surgery Is the Only Treatment for Sciatica

Some people continue to propagate the olden beliefs claiming that you must undergo surgery once you develop sciatica symptoms. The reality, however, is that you can lean on different treatment options, such as therapeutic injections to alleviate sciatic pain. In most cases, your chiropractor will recommend surgical treatment when your sciatica symptoms persist despite seeking other treatment plans.

Only Older Adults Can Get Sciatica

While individuals aged forty years and above are more predisposed to sciatic pain, anyone can suffer from these symptoms. The lifestyle habits such as living an inactive life can expose you to sciatica irrespective of your age.

Therefore, if you are below forty years and you keep experiencing the sharp pain radiating from your lower back to your leg through your buttocks, do not think that you are an exception from sciatica. Consider seeking the necessary check ups since you could have sciatica.

The Sciatic Pain Cannot Recur

Many believe that once the sciatica symptoms recede, the pain along the sciatic nerve cannot occur again. The reality is that even if the sciatic pain may resolve four to seven weeks after treatment, the pain can still reoccur. Usually, the chances of reoccurrence of these symptoms depend on the underlying cause of pain.

Do you experience shooting pain through your sciatic nerve? If yes, you can attest that these distressing symptoms can hold the victim’s quality of life. Fortunately, there are different treatment options out there that can help you alleviate sciatica symptoms. When contemplating the appointment, it is good to understand the above myth around sciatica and change your mentality. For example, if you thought that surgery is the only treatment option for sciatic pain, you will understand that there are other treatments.


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