If you feel like you’re in a rut, it might be time to fill your home with positivity. The ancient Chinese practice of feng shui can help!

So, exactly what is feng shui? It’s the philosophy of arranging your living space to create balance with your world. It harnesses energy forces to potentially bring luck and prosperity.

Want to know how to create good feng shui? Check out this list of five things you can do to build feng shui in your home!

1. Start with the Entryway

The entryway is how energy enters your home. Start by decluttering and cleaning the area. Then, brighten up the inside and outside with lighting fixtures or bright colors to create an inviting “mouth of qi.”

All doors in your home should be able to open completely so that energy can flow through. Make sure they are in good condition as well – oil them or make any needed repairs. This will allow opportunities to find their way to you.

2. Go Natural

Natural light and living plants both bring in vibrant energy. Keep your windows clean to let in as much light as possible. Your windows represent your eyes; you’ll see the world clearly by taking care of them. 

Plants connect you to nature, and they embody life energy in feng shui. Find plants that you’ll be able to take care of and that will thrive in your environment.

3. Set Up Commanding Positions

Commanding positions are one of the most important principles found throughout feng shui advice. These areas create your position in life – so take control! Create a command position by locating an object in sight of the door without being directly across from it. 

In your bedroom, this will be your bed. In a fengshui study room, it will be your desk, which represents your career. The location of your stove is also important as it represents your wealth.

4. Create a Path

Keep the energy flowing by creating a clear path through your home. Make sure your spaces are easy to navigate by decluttering. Constant obstacles can affect you all day; remove them to make your path clearer.

This includes clearing out spaces like your closet and under your bed. This will create a sense of order and peace in your life.

5. Add Color

In feng shui, color is important for relating to the five elements of water, earth, fire, air, and metal. Each of these elements brings a different type of energy into your home. They all have color correlations that can infuse your home.

For instance, earth energy creates stability. You can include earth tones or colors like yellow and brown in your design to bring that energy out. Learn more about color in feng shui here.

Create a Little Feng Shui in Your Home

Feng shui in your home can direct good energy into your life. Allow that energy in by setting up your spaces according to feng shui principles today. Start using this ancient practice to unlock the benefits of feng shui in your home!

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