Is your child eligible to join kindergartens? Are you now looking for a community kindergarten that upholds high-quality education and standards? 

Finding a local center that fits your requirements and preference in enrollment options and periods is challenging, especially with the ongoing pandemic. But the good news is that we are here to help you.

Read further to learn more about choosing the best community kindergarten for your child!

What is Kindy?

Also known as Kindy, kindergartens help children become equipped with the right skills to become more prepared before their Prep (Queensland’s first school year). 

Kindy is where they find friends, build relationships, know their environment more, build confidence and learn to socialize with peers and other people. 

What are the Different Kindergarten Services?

As the Queensland government continuously supports childhood education and care, Kindergartens are in different areas of the state, offering various services to develop the little ones’ cognitive and socio-emotional skills and knowledge.

All children in Queensland are given the same opportunities to get into Kindy. Kindergarten is offered in extended services of day care, independent kindergarten services, State-delivered Kindergarten, eKindy, and Hospital kindy.

Long Day Care Services

A Long Day Care Service is the best option for parents working as services such as this operate for as long as 10 hours a day, from Monday to Friday. Before and after school, including vacation care, are also possible upon checking with the center. 

They offer part-time and full-time early education and child care from a child’s birth to 12 years old. The children are divided into groups according to their age and/or the stage of development they are currently in to assist them in learning, growing, and adjusting.


eKindy service is for children who study “at home” due to isolation, medical conditions, and their family’s itinerant lifestyle. 

This distance education program allows children to have access to kindergarten even in the comfort of their own homes as delivered through BrisbaneSDE.

Nevertheless, this program is being taught by qualified early childhood teachers with learning guides sent to parents that contain games and other essential activities for children.

State-delivered Kindergarten 

State-delivered Kindergarten is another type of distance-learning program for children where students living in remote areas are still allowed to learn and have fun. They are free to attend face-to-face kindergarten programs at their local state school. 

Communities that have a significant number of obstacles to overcome in order to get access to kindergarten education, such as those that are considered to be Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, are given priority.

Hospital Kindy

Children currently receiving treatment from either Queensland Children’s Hospital or the Mater Children’s Private Brisbane Hospital can access Kindy sessions. 

Hospital Kindy classes are available to children undergoing treatment at Queensland Children’s Hospital. It is also available for children staying in Mater Children’s Private Brisbane Hospital.

Other kindergarten-aged children from nearby hospitals are also offered playgroup sessions delivered by early childhood teachers to be more inclusive. 

When Can I Enroll My Child in Kindergarten (Kindy)?

You may enroll your child when they turn four years old before June 30, which starts the school year. 

How Much Should I Pay For Kindergarten (Kindy)?

It varies depending on the provided service. It is recommended to ask your local kindy to inquire about their fees. But the following are guaranteed to have low to no kindy fees:

  • You or your child is an/a Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • You or your child holds a current Australian Government Health Care Card 
  • You are a kinship carer or foster parent
  • You hold a current Australian Government Pensioner Concession Card and
  • Three (3) or more of your children (same age) are enrolled in the same year

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Looking For The Best Place to Enroll my Child

It is imperative for parents to research the different offerings and services available for kindergarten. 

Early childhood care and education are essential for children to establish a strong understanding of who they are and their place in the world, as well as for their general health and development. 

When children are properly taught and cared for, they grow into better communicators and active learners.

Toowoomba City

Many parents are constantly concerned about where to look for the best child care Toowoomba city has to offer. Good thing, it is blessed with many kindergarten services that provide child care and education at the most affordable price. 

Its in-door and out-door areas aid in igniting the creative and curious minds of children. Child care centres Toowoomba shines the brightest with good weather conditions that perfectly fit learners’ calm and relaxed environment.

Further, Lady Gowrie QLD is a not-for-profit organization offering kindergartens. It has two community kindergarten locations  in this area: Chiselhurst Kindergarten and Vera Lacaze Memorial Community Kindergarten.

Chiselhurst Kindergarten and Vera Lacaze Memorial Community Kindergarten both exceed parents’ expectations by focusing on bringing out the inner potential of these young learners.

Bracken Ridge

Another excellent choice is Bracken Ridge Child Care. The quality of child care and education in this area are top-notch, supported by their safe and secured environment for learners. 

Most facilities are also equipped with advanced technologies to facilitate learning and immerse children in different activities fully. Classrooms here are usually divided according to the age of the children.

Lady Gowrie QLD offers education and care at Bracken Ridge Kindergarten. It teaches not just creativity and skills here but also how these children should value their roots and cultures in the community.

Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast is situated in the southern part of Queensland, Australia. A child care centre Sunshine Coast is the perfect place for parents who value credibility and years of experience. 

The Sunshine Coast is the place for the most well-established facilities that assist youngsters in developing a connection with the natural world. The focus of the events here is almost always on the outdoors and various gardens.


Herston is  located near the Brisbane Central Business District. The area is a vibrant community close to parks, institutions, sports facilities, major hospitals, and commendable centres, which child care Herston is recognized for. 

Heston provides a safe and stimulating environment for learners and their families through their professionals trained extensively in early childhood education. Herston’s kindergarten centres also offer high-quality care for children, mostly from 6 months old and above.

The Bottom Line

Kindergarten happens during the most crucial years of children — when they are slowly opening themselves up, creating an identity for themselves, understanding the people around them and their environment, and building self-confidence and relationships. 

It is essential to enroll children in a dependable, capable, secure, and safe kindergarten.

If you need more information and guidance in choosing the best plan for your child in their kindergarten years, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call Lady Gowrie QLD now!