Jankari00.com, the leading government job information web portal, has emerged as a guide for job seekers by providing comprehensive and  authentic information on government job opportunities.

This article talks about the world of Jankari00.com as a leading government job information portal, exploring its origins, salient features, impact, and how it empowers aspirants of government jobs to turn their dreams into reality.

What is Jankari00.com?

Jankari00.com is a beneficial website for those who are looking for government job vacancies and this website is vast and continually updated information of government job vacancies across various sectors and levels.

From central government to state and local authorities, the platform covers a wide range of opportunities, including civil services, public sector which includes, defense, railways, banking, education, and more. This extensive coverage ensures that candidates from different backgrounds and qualifications can choose relevant job openings customized to their expertise and preferences.

The Origin of Jankari00.com

The start of Jankari00.com lies in a profound will to empower individuals aspiring for government jobs. It Launched in 2017 by 21-year-old boy, Krishna Maurya, who is from Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh. the platform’s foundation was rooted in the realization that navigating the complex government job landscape required a dedicated and customized portal. With a mission to simplify the job search process and provide authentic information, the platform embarked on a journey to become a guide for aspiring government job candidates.

How to use Jankari00.com?

The government job application process can often be complex, involving multiple steps and requirements. The website acknowledge the potential challenges faced by aspirants during this process and endeavor to simplify it.

The platform provides detailed and easy-to-understand guides, breaking down the application process into simpler steps. Aspiring candidates can access important information about required documents, eligibility criteria, and application deadlines, reducing confusion and enhancing the probability of successful applications.

  • Open preferred Brower on your smartphone or desktop.
  • Search for Jankari00.com.
  • Opened window will navigate you further to latest government job vacancies which have been updated on portal.
  • You can also look for particular government vacancies if you have prior information.
  • Click on preferred vacancy to know it in detail.   

How does Jankari00.com work?

In the fast-paced world of government job applications, timely information is vital. Jankari00.com’s notification system ensures that aspirants never miss out on important announcements of government job vacancies.

It is user-friendly portal, who looking for government jobs, all the information about the jobs is timely get updated on website without being late. These features enables candidates to stay ahead of the competition and submit their applications promptly, increasing their chances of being shortlisted for further rounds.

Why Jankari00 is User-friendly Website?

Jankari00 recognizes that the journey towards a government job can be overwhelming, and candidates often benefit from detailed information about the government vacancies which they wish to apply for. When you visit  the portal, you will see the simply designed  website yet engaging , because it gives to the point information without adding too many pages in the form of links , which makes portal easy to use .

Information provided on the portal is always reliable and authentic, which build supportive network between users and website which further enhances motivation, reduces anxieties, and fosters an environment of collective learning and growth of both website and user.

Features of Jankari00.com

  • Over the years, Jankari00.com has left a deep impact on the lives of countless job seekers. The platform’s dedication to providing accurate information and valuable resources has empowered individuals to pursue their dreams of a government job.
  • One of the salient features is that its free and easily accessible. It is a portal where all government related vacancies information is updated whether it is central or state, even local level vacancies, this makes convenient for job seekers to get all the government job related information at one place without doing any hustle.
  • This interface is very useful and informative ,but it does have few limitations, for example its website design is basic and not so appealing in design, as we know there’s always chance of improvement, so elevating portal design will engage more users. Apart from this portal should add comment section to website, so that interactivity and engagement of user will increase, which will bring more transparency, it will leave on larger impact on users.

Jankari00.com Alternatives

  • Jobbharti.com
  • Free Job Alert
  • GovtJobGur
  • SarkariClass.com
  • Employment News
  • Testbook.com
  • Naukari.com
  • JagranJosh

Advantages of Jankari00.com

There are several advantages of using this job portal for the users which are as follows:

  1. Users can get information, news and updates about various government exams.
  2. This is a convenient way of applying for government jobs as there is no need to go anywhere in search of information. 
  3. We can find all the information by visiting this site sitting at home.
  4. Jankari00 is an effective and efficient way of getting information.

Disadvantages of Jankari00.com

A few of the disadvantages of jankari00.com are as follows:

  1. If we talk about the user interface of janbari00.com, then it is not very attractive. As a result, it may bore the users because of its simplicity.
  2. We cannot say that the information and data provided by Janbari00.com is 100% correct and accurate.


Jankari00.com has emerged as a leading government job information portal, playing a significant role in the career of millions of government job aspirants. With its comprehensive information of government job vacancies, easy ,simplified application processes, and valuable resources, the portal ensures that job seekers are well-prepared and confident in their pursuit of government jobs.

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By Sanjeev