Writing Kolb’s learning reflective essay can be one of the most effective ways to learn the reflection component in the learning cycle. As a result, it helps learners to recount and evaluate their learning experiences.

According to GOV.UK, during 2023/2024, there were almost 26,955 new entrants to Initial Teacher Training (ITT) in England. So, a large number of entries in the teaching secretary witnessed the use of various teaching methodologies to enhance productivity, and Kolb’s cycle is one of them. 

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What Is the Reflective Learning Cycle?

The reflective learning cycle is also called the Gibbs reflective cycle. It is one of the famous cyclic models of reflection that includes six stages exploring an experience:

  1. Description
  2. Feelings
  3. Evaluation
  4. Analysis
  5. Conclusion
  6. Action plan

The TSW Training better illustrates this cyclic process in the following manner,

What Is Kolb’s Cycle of Reflection?

The Kolb’s approach is goal-oriented to create a learning cycle for learners’ personal development. According to the University of Puget Sound, the Kolb’s model emphasises the importance of the reflection component by going through the 4 vital stages. Are you wondering what are the 4 stages of Kolb’s reflective cycle?

Typically, it consists of the following 4 stages that a learner repeats to enhance the progress.  

  • Concrete Experience: It involves a new experience.
  • Reflective Observation: It Involves watching others to make your observation.
  • Abstract Conceptualisation: It involves creating theories to explain the observation.
  • Active Experimentation: It helps in decision-making by using theories.

What are The Advantages of the Kolb Reflective Model?

The Kolb’s method is meant to enhance professional development in several ways. It helps you know your learning style and preferences. Also, it helps you integrate theory and practices to apply it to new situations. In other words, you can adapt your strategies to improve the situation.

How Do You Write Kolb’s Learning Reflective Essay?

Sometimes, starting from scratch is one of the most challenging parts of essay writing. You may already have made an outline and collected data but are stressed over what to write on the blank paper. There is no need to worry about it because you are not the one who is facing these sorts of issues.

All you need is some guidance and additional assistance from tutors. As a result, you may be able to receive an A+ grade in your reflective essay. Continue reading to learn these 5 expert tips.

1. Analyse the Question

Kolb’s learning reflective essays are meant to answer a specific question. As it will address the specific question, you should consider it most important to analyse your essay question first-hand. For instance, writing Kolb’s reflective essay may involve questions like,

  • What does the best outcome look like?
  • What are the smart goals you have to reach your destination?
  • What actions and plans can you translate from your learning experience?

2. Define Your Argument

This process involves taking an informed position on your standpoint. As a result, you can define or present an argument in its counter. Defining your argument may also refer to writing your Kolb’s learning reflective essay thesis statement to provide an overarching theme and position. It provides a preposition in which the whole essay write-up will be directed.

For instance, the thesis statement can be given as,

“The Kolb’s learning style is one of the most widely applied learning methods that seems more productive than any other learning strategies.”

3. Use Evidence and Reasoning

The only way to convince your reader from your viewpoint is to provide evidence and reasoning from reliable sources. Typically, it consists of specific facts, examples, statistics, illustrations or quotations. However, you also need to connect your argument with the standpoint. Simply providing a list of evidence will not work unless you connect it with the viewpoint.

According to GoKodReads, some of the top reads written by David Kolb are,

  • Experiential Learning: Experience as the Source of Learning and Development
  • Organisational Behavior Reader
  • Kolb Learning Style Inventory, Version 3.1

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4. Organise a Coherent Essay

Do you know Kolb’s learning reflective essay structure is essential to ensure the organisation of Kolb’s learning reflective essay ideas so that they do not trouble the reader in comprehension? Typically, an essay consists of three main parts.

  • Introduction
  • Body paragraphs
  • Conclusion

As a result, you can introduce your essay idea, elaborate your argument and briefly restate the main argument. You can also see Kolb’s learning reflective essay examples for better comprehension, so there should be no flaw in the structure.

According to Research Gate, an essay structure can be given as,

5. Cite Sources and Evidence

As you have discussed earlier, you must support your argument in Kolb’s learning reflective essay by providing reliable sources. So, after writing the whole essay, cite your sources and ensure they are accurate.

Sometimes, you are asked to follow a specific format, it still varies from institution to institution. Make sure to check the university guidelines or ask your tutor before writing so that it is aligned well with the requirements. According to Sage Journals,

Csikszentmihalyi M (1990) Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience. New York: HarperCollins.

Kolb’s Learning Reflective Essay Topics 2024

Are you wondering about some of the best ideas to write on for Kolb’s learning cycle? Find hereby the list,

  • What is the role of Kolb’s learning cycle in nursing?
  • Why do we use Kolb’s reflective cycle?
  • What are the applications of Kolb’s’ learning cycle?

What Is the Difference Between Kolb’s and Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle?

Typically, the nature of both Gibbs reflective and Kolb’s cycles is similar, with the difference being the number of stages it involves. The Gibbs’ reflective method has more stages and is structured to guide the practitioner through the process.


Kolb’s learning reflective essay seems complicated for students, but not after this comprehensive guide. Some key strategies should be followed, such as analysing your essay question, writing a thesis statement, providing evidence and citing your references. Among all the essay structures, it is also essential so that you can deliver organised ideas.

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