How To Stay On The Safe Side When Using Cannabis

Back in the day, any cannabis-related topic was strictly forbidden because this plant was considered to be unhealthy, addictive, and harmful to our bodies. Fortunately, things have changed for the better over the past couple of years. 

And what’s surprising is the fact that precisely this plant has become one of the most popular ones in the world and you can even come across people who are not only consuming it but growing it as well for various reasons.

One of them is for personal enjoyment and more importantly, the different health benefits it offers. But still, just because it’s generally safe, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be cautious when using it. If you want to know how you can utilize cannabis safely, then take a look at these tips below.

Tips To Responsibly Consume Cannabis

First Check Out Whether It’s Legal In Your State

It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about CBD or THC or whether you need it for medical or other purposes, the point is, before you spend any cash on it, first make sure to do your homework to see if it’s legal in the place you live in or not.

First and foremost, not all countries are open to it, even when it comes to CBD which doesn’t even cause any psychoactive effects on your brain. On the other hand, the situation is a bit different when it comes to THC which is why a lot of countries are against it although it has been proven many times that it is very good for our well-being.

The point is, that you must conduct thorough research before you take any further steps. Now, if you live in the USA, you can easily find the list of states that allow or prohibit Cannabis. There are various states in this country that allow it, starting from California, Alaska, New York, Virginia, and many others.

It’s worth mentioning that some of them only allow CBD, not THC. In South Dakota cannabis was legalized last year in July. Prior to then, it was completely illegal.

Obtain Cannabis From Legal Retail Sources

One of the major benefits of legalization is the fact that cannabis must be tested in a laboratory for safety reasons. This way, anybody who consumes it can be positively sure that the products they’ve acquired do not contain any pesticides, toxins, or mold.

Approximately three years ago, there was a serious outbreak of lung injuries, associated with inhaling vaporized cannabis oil and vaping. Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention uncovered that most of these injuries were caused by vitamin E acetate, which was seen in products that were purchased from either street sources or informal ones.

Bear in mind, that people who are part of these groups almost never test their products the right way. Also, lab testing enables users to know how much THC is in a particular product and what are the chances of having any mind-altering effects.

The amount of THC must be shown on every single cannabis product because only this way, people are going to be able to control how much they are going to use. Generally speaking, stronger effects can be expected from stronger products.

If you decide to buy cannabis at a licensed cannabis dispensary, make sure to see whether the label showcases the percentage or amount of CBD in the product. Physicians generally recommend that people obtain products where both CBD and THC can be found in moderation. 

Besides, according to various cannabis connoisseurs, you should acquire a product that doesn’t contain too much THC. 

Adding More Beneficial Information Below

Do Not Smoke And Drive

Even though this plant is generally considered to be safe, don’t forget that at times, it can affect our reaction time, judgment, and motor coordination. That’s precisely one of the reasons why you should never use it and then sit behind the wheel.

If you want to be responsible, then you should absolutely never head out for a drive after consuming any of the cannabis products, otherwise, you are going to jeopardize your safety and the safety of others.

Check Out Dosing Labels And Do Not Take Too Much In The Beginning 

The truth is, everybody responds differently to THC and if you’ve never used it before, then it would be advisable to start slow because you can never tell how you are going to react to it. Experienced users suggest having up to 5mg of an edible in the beginning.

Keep in mind, that anyone can easily overconsume edible unintentionally, hence it would be smart to first start with a small amount, wait for a couple of hours to see how your body is going to react, and then decide whether you are ready to take more or not.

Generally speaking, dosages are more challenging to measure when smoking due to the fact that THC potency can vary between strains and products, consequently, it’s of huge importance to mostly rely on the signals your body is trying to send you.

As previously suggested, for starters, use smaller amounts of it just to see how you are going to feel. Bear in mind, that the amount you need to feel high is not the same amount someone else needs. 

There are many different factors that determine this, starting from your age, higher elevations, weight, and many others. Even though smokables normally take effect quicker than edibles you should still give yourself some time before you start upping the amount.

Children Should Stay Away From Cannabis

There are kids who may think that edibles are just regular candy which can encourage them to eat them. That’s precisely why you should keep all your cannabis products hidden so children cannot see them. 

Luckily, a vast majority of edibles are sold in containers that cannot be easily opened by them, but still, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be careful.

No matter how beneficial cannabis generally is, it still doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be responsible when it comes to it. So go through everything that’s been mentioned here to see how you’re supposed to act when using it.


Author: Grace