5 Tips to keep your chimney in top-notch condition.

Nothing can ever beat the joy of lighting a fireplace on a chilling night. A well-maintained chimney not just keeps you and your loved ones warm but also looks extremely beautiful.

However, a fireplace does require regular care and maintenance to remain in top-notch condition. If you do not follow some of the most basic maintenance tips, you are compromising on safety. It can lead to different risks, and finally, it might not be a safe practice to use your fireplace anymore.

Chimney maintenance is crucial to keep the home safe while using it as the winter draws in. Unfortunately, you are exposing your fireplace to risks such as fires and water damage without appropriate care and maintenance measures.

In persuasion, we have curated the rock-solid tips to keep your chimney in top-notch condition to make it ready, safe, and fully functional for winters. Read on!

Rock solid tips to keep the chimney in top-notch condition

  1. Protect the top of the flue

You need to take extra care of the chimney flue to prevent its maintenance in the future. This is because in the different seasons like spring, summer, and autumn when the fireplace isn’t used as much as in winters, it becomes a common place for small animals, birds, and insects to roost or build their nests on the top of the flue.

Likewise, spring is a time when pollen and blossoms get trapped there. Similarly, the fallen and dead leaves get trapped in autumn. It blocks and clogs the flue. This becomes extremely dangerous the next time you wish to start lighting a fire.

So, the best way to protect the top of the flue is by creating a netting or chicken wire to affix at the top. It prevents the debris and other particles from getting down there. In addition, you can also install a chimney cap.

  1. Protect brickwork with water repellent

You should duct tape painted chimney flashings from the bottom to the top before you start to spray water repellent on the outer brickwork. Ideally, two coats of duct tape should be applied.

Let it dry for approximately an hour, and then take it off. Meanwhile, ensure the roof tapes remain intact. Afterward, you need to spray the repellent using a low-pressure garden pump.

So, this is another way of ensuring lesser damage to the outer elements of the flue by the rain and other elements, as a damp chimney only makes things worse.

  1. Seal cracks

Considering brick or concrete chimneys, any crack, big or small, is bad news. When left untreated, it only worsens with time.

Buy sealant and apply it to the areas with cracks, chips, or gaps. It prevents the speedy deterioration of your fireplace. However, if the problem is severe, then enlist a professional to fix the problem.

  1. Clear ashes

When the chimneys are heavily used in the winters, it leads to the accumulation of ashes and soots. In case you leave the remnants in the off-season, it only will lead to the decay of the interiors of the chimney. It is very difficult to tackle in the future. In addition, it lowers the air quality inside your homes severely.

So, you must clean out the chimneys thoroughly when not in use chimney sweep Indianapolis.

  1. Schedule a sweep

Regular chimney sweeping is imperative. It is even most required in the off-season months to prevent any sort of risks like chimney fires. For this, you must get in touch with a professional to give it the right care and maintenance to make it safe, clean, and ready for the coming winter season.

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These are some rock-solid tips to keep your chimney in top-notch condition. However, during off-seasons, do plan for a professional chimney expert to get it inspected thoroughly. They are trained and experienced professionals who aim to provide the best-in-class workmanship to you. So, book an appointment with a reliable service provider for your chimney at the earliest to get it in top-notch condition for the coming winter.


Author: Grace