How to Stay Safe at the Skatepark

Skateboarding can be a fun and exhilarating hobby for both children to get involved in. After recent concerns about children not getting the recommended hour a day of exercise, parents are desperately looking for new pastimes to get the kids moving more.

One of the beauties of skateboarding is that it can be a brilliant way to keep children out of the house, whilst getting plenty of fresh air and staying active. It can even be a great sport for parents and children to embark on together, allowing quality time to be spent learning new skills in the park.

However, it’s important to be aware of the possible dangers related to this fast-paced sport. In this article, we share some top tips on how to stay safe in your local skatepark.

Wear a Helmet 

Due to the nature of skating, blading, and BMXing combining speed and heights, it is widely known that injuries can easily occur in the skatepark. Helmets are absolutely vital for all skaters to protect against potentially life-threatening head injuries, should an accident occur. Purchasing protective skate gear such as elbow and knee pads and gloves is also strongly advised to prevent nasty scrapes.

Stop and Look

Rule number one in the skatepark: look before you go! These parks can get incredibly busy, full of adults and kids alike zooming up and down half-pipes at extremely high speeds. Think of crossing a skatepark as crossing a busy road – stop and check for oncoming traffic from all possible directions before setting off. Following this important rule will keep yourself and others within the park safe.

Protect Your Equipment 

If you’ve spent a small fortune on equipment, especially items like such as bikes, you may want to consider taking out BMX insurance on these possessions to cover the costs of any repairs or replacements if they get damaged in a skating accident.

Be Cautious

As skateparks are some of the busiest outdoor hubs around, they can be dangerous. Ensure you don’t sit in areas where you could get hit by fellow skaters zooming past you. Avoid lingering at the bottom of ramps or sitting on the edge of half-pipes to stay clear from danger zones where you could become an obstruction.

Go At Your Own Pace

Finally, our last tip is to go at your own pace and ride to your ability. Forget what everyone else at the park is doing and only ever focus on your own progress. Don’t be tempted to rush into tackling heights and tricks that are too advanced for your current level. Instead, continue to go at your own pace, harnessing new skills as you go.


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