Wake Up Earlier 

To start our list of how to start your day right when we advise you to wake up earlier than your initial planned alarm time. We’ve all been there when we have woken up from our alarm and dreaded getting ready. We often say to ourselves that we want “Just 5 more minutes” but if we have work commitments, it’s simply out of the question. As such, the solution to combat this would set our alarms for 30mins – 1 hour before we intend to. This way you give yourself enough time to prepare for the day ahead, perhaps take a warm shower to liven your body up and be more productive before you even step foot outside the house. 

Morning Jog

A morning jog can do wonders for your physical body and mental health. It’s well documented that morning jogs when you wake up significantly boosts 1)Your mood as your body releases the feel-good hormones called endorphins which provides us with a positive and energised outlook on the day. 2) Improves sleep as running in daly light increases our exposure to natural light which can help regulate our circadian rhythm, which helps make it easier to fall asleep at night. 3) Reduces stress as getting outside each morning for a run is a great opportunity to practice being aware of our bodies, minds and feelings and clear our head ready for the day ahead. 

Glass of Water  

Many people severely underestimate how effective having a glass of water is when you wake up. About 60% of your body is composed of water therefore it is vital that you restock on your body’s fluid levels before you partake in your daily activities. There are many studies which suggest that drinking water has numerous benefits. For example, content published by healthline.com suggests the following benefits of having water when you wake up:

  • Drinking water upon waking improves mental performance.
  • Drinking water right after you wake up helps rehydrate your body.
  • Drinking water first thing in the morning helps eliminate toxins and improves your skin’s health.

Simply put, drinking water after you wake up will significantly set you up in good stead for the day ahead of you. 

Stretching Routine

Getting into the habit of a stretching routine after you wake up can do wonders for your physical body. For those who usually have a rough night’s sleep, stretching first thing in the morning can relieve any tension or pain from sleeping the night before. Stretching also helps increase your blood flow and prepares your body for the day ahead. Not to mention, by getting into the habit of stretching everyday it forces you to get into a health routine that will no doubt set you up to have a productive day.

Eat Nutritious Food in The Morning

Another majorly underrated tip to start your day right is to eat the correct food containing a rich amount of healthy nutrients in the morning. According to the Mirror, a staggering one in five Brits skip breakfast and have their first meal at midday. It is absolutely pitivial if you want your brain to function properly ahead of a challenging day and we know how stroppy people can be when they are hungry. Examples of food that should be consumed in the morning consists of:

Oat based breakfast cereal – Oats are gluten-free whole grain and a great source of important vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. Studies show that oats and oatmeal have many health benefits. These include weight loss, lower blood sugar levels and a reduced risk of heart disease.

Eggs – Eggs make a simple, nutritious breakfast choice and can be cooked in a number of fun variations. They’re also an excellent source of protein, which helps support muscle synthesis. Since protein takes a while to digest, it also helps keep you feeling full. This can help you concentrate throughout the day as there is nothing but feeling hungry and working on an empty stomach. Thankfully eggs can combat this.

Berries – berries can consist of: blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries. They are delicious and packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect the body from free radicals (atoms that can damage your body’s cells) so by having berries as soon as you wake up, you can be sure to feel healthy to start your daily activities. Not to mention berries are high in fiber, which promotes fullness and can be paired with many other breakfast dishes such as porridge, fruit salad or cereal. 

Make Your Bed

Finally, on our list of how to start your day right when you wake up we have the simple task of making your bed. By completing this action it can make you feel productive and give you a reason to get out of bed. Not to mention, if you have had a challenging day at work, coming home to an unnurtured bed can put you in a foul mood as such, by making your bed you can generate a real sense of relaxation and ready to snuggle back into your bed.