Ready to get married this year? Finally. You’ve picked quite a good time, mind you. All signs are showing that Covid restrictions will end soon almost everywhere in the world. It’s looking good for lovers out there, including you and your significant other.

So, apart from finally being able to have that special day after all of this quarantine stuff going on, you might also want to be as fashionable as you can get since you’ve been putting it off for so long. Here are the trends you’ve been looking forward to.

1.  Fairytale Lighting Sets

Once upon a time, there was this beautiful couple who would end up having the most mesmerizing photo shoot in existence. A dreamy lighting set can make all the difference in the world. Lighting really is everything, as it can change the entire atmosphere of your wedding, so choose one that takes you into a realm far, far away.

2.  Cake Arches

It’s not as if cakes were never relevant to a wedding. Far from it. But now they’ve gotten a new lease on life with spectacular cake arches and custom cake hoops. Choosing the right cake arch is essential for completing your entire wedding food reception to match the style you’re looking for. With that said, you might also want to research the best catering options for weddings.

3.  Virtual Save-the-Dates

If there’s one thing you will be more than happy to find out is going fully digital, it’s those save-the-date cards that couples before had to print out and hand out physically. Nobody misses having to do that. And the good news is that you won’t have to do it yourself.

Nowadays it’s as simple as logging in to a paperless invitation website and crafting the message you want. Select the design of your choosing and send it away to those whom you want to come to your special day.

4.  The Little White Dress Is Making a Comeback

You know what they say about fashion: it goes around and comes around. If you’re a fanatic about the fashion industry and you have watched a lot of documentaries about fashion throughout the years, then you might have heard about a trend that came about during the 1960s.

If not, we’ll tell you all about it. The little white dress was popular at intimate civil ceremonies and small weddings throughout the decades. It’s basically a short bride dress instead of the loaded classical one that we’re all used to. It will make your life much easier, as you won’t have to carry nearly as much weight. Lucky you, it’s back in style, and it’s perfect if your wedding will take place on a hot summer day.

5.  Bridal Subscription Boxes

Now here’s a consumerist trend that’s actually useful! Bridal subscription boxes are a thing and they help you prep for your big day by sending you useful stuff such as decor elements, party essentials, planners, calendars, checklists, and so forth.

That’s pretty great if you ask us. Sure, you can get all of those things in a store, all by yourself, but do you really want to spend all that extra time shopping when you can just order such a box and have it delivered to your door? It will give you time to focus on other important things, such as organizing the wedding itself.

The Bottom Line

Obviously, there are many more trends that you can follow for your wedding, but these are the ones that truly make a difference. They help you plan things much easier, they make your clothing more bearable, and they also reduce the carbon footprint of wedding planning altogether.

All in all, a bridal subscription box, virtual save-the-dates, and the little white dress are true-life saviors. As for fairytale lighting sets and cake arches, they make everything look all that more beautiful. We hope you’ve found these tips helpful and we wish you the best possible wedding ever!