Having a bar at home can offer many opportunities to entertain at the house and offers a place to relax and spend an evening with friends and family. Some dream of their home bar as soon as they purchase their own home, and it can be done on almost any budget and often completed on your own. Beginning with selecting the ideal spot for your bar, determining the style of bar you would prefer and choose colors based upon that, and choose your favourite drinks to keep in stock before you go shopping for the alcohol and mixes for your bar.

To create a beautiful display for your bar, prepare to build upwards. Displaying the bottles on the wall offers an opportunity to create an aesthetic and appearance that is classy and allows you to see what you have and what is running low. Add bar related trinkets, such as signs or mixing tools, and even photos or artwork. The display is almost as important as what the bottles hold. 

For a small side bar decanting the most used bottles in your home into glass or crystal decanters can add a different look and appear classic. This is a common appearance within shows depicting the early twentieth century and can provide a sense of decadence and maturity. Decanted and displayed spirits are not for the high school party but rather for mature adults enjoying an evening drink. For those of you who part on a regular basis however, you may want to invest in a few industrial drink dispensers. If you are mixing a lot of drinks for your guests, like rum & coke, vodka & sprite, then having an industrial soda dispenser will become extremely convenient. 

Add items that show your personality within the area and to make it feel comfortable to you and your friends. It should feel cohesive within the home as well as be separated slightly into its own area. Add seating to the space or, where your bar is on a bar cart or side bar place it where there is comfortable seating. This creates a feeling of welcoming and encourages people to slowly enjoy their drink while engaging in conversation with yourself. It can be enjoyed before or after a meal, or just on a relaxing afternoon. 

Stock the most popular items and supplies to make the most common drinks. Include glasses for several types of drinks, with a strainer and a shaker as well. Add a place to keep ice and for an added touch include ice tongs to pick them up and place them in the glass or the shaker. Small added touches will make a big difference in both the functionality and appearance of your bar. Keep a few choices of soda, cola, juices, or other non alcoholic drink choices in the space for those who choose not to drink or who want a mixed drink. 

Keeping your bar space set up with all of the basics and adding a personal touch can help you provide a welcoming and safe space to enjoy a drink with your significant other or to have friends over for a night in. This can save money from going out and help you fall in love with your home all over again.

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