If you think getting your child to eat green vegetables is a challenge, then think again. I am a single father with a four-year-old fairy, and my experience tells me that one of the hardest things for a parent is to make their child take medicine.

Children are too honest with what they want and like, and certainly, oral medicine is not one of them. You might spend all your time figuring out how to make your child take their medicine on time. 

While I was struggling to feed my child with her medicines, I got into the internet to see how methods can be used to make her take medicine. The methods that I came across were more practical than I thought. So, I thought, why not create content that can help fellow parents. 

How To Administer Oral Medicine To Kids?

Even doctors accept the fact that it is hard to get your child their oral medication, especially when they have a chronic condition. However, when your child is sick, there is only one way to treat them, giving them medication.

Here are a few methods to administer oral medications to kids.

1. Swallowing Gel

Most of the children have problems swallowing the tablets and pills, which is why they tend to avoid solid medicine. If that is the case why your child is afraid of taking medicine, you can use the swallowing gel to help them out. 

Gloup swallowing gel is one of the popular products that help patients take their medicine without choking and staging. Furthermore, swallowing gel comes in different flavors, so if the medicine tastes bland and is not to your liking, taking medicine with swallowing will kill two birds with one stone.

2. Bypass The Taste Buds

This is yet another effective method to get your child to take medicine. Most children like to take medicine because of their awful taste. If the taste is the issue, you can simply bypass the taste buds.

Taste buds are located at the tip and the side of the tongue. While placing the medicine in your child’s mouth, ensure to avoid these places. The best course of action would be to put the medicine as deep as possible in the mouth, and with a mouth full of water, the medicine can be gup down easily.

3. Add Medicine To The Food

In most cases, you can grind the medication tablet or open the capsule and mix it with your child’s favorite food. For me, this was the most effective method. However, before you start cruising every medicine, consult with the doctor first.

Some pills are time-release medicine; they are covered with protective layers or in the capsule to ensure they start showing their effect after a few minutes of consumption. Furthermore, you also need to ensure you chile eat all the food as it covers the complete dose.

4. Play Doctor

You don’t always have to go for these kinds of strategies to make your child eat medicine. Instead, you can make them eat their medicine while you both are playing. For instance, you can play doctor and patients where you become a doctor and your child patient. 

Create a scenario where you need to treat the kid with medicine, and instead of treating them with demi-medicine, make them eat their medicine, as simple as that.

5. Give Kids Some Control

Giving your kid some control makes them think that the situation is under control. Now you must be wondering what kind of control we are talking about. Well, we are talking about the option where your kid can decide the procedure of taking medicine.

Giving them the option to do things makes them feel that they control the situation. And as they are making the decision, they cannot give any excuses later on.

When All Fails

If none of the methods mentioned in the article works for you, you can only go with this method. Be honest with your kind and explain why taking medicine is necessary. Talk with your kind and count them on the benefits of taking medicine.



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