There’s a reason why the job outlook for animal care workers is expected to increase by 33% over the next decade. We rely on these grooming professionals to keep our pups looking great.

If you’re a new dog owner, you’re likely asking, How often should you give your puppy a bath? This is one of the most common grooming questions that people with puppies ask.

That’s why we made this article. In it, we’ll go over everything you need to know about your puppy and baths. Let’s get started!

How Often Should You Give Your Puppy a Bath?

Sadly, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this pet care question. That’s because different types of dogs require different cleaning routines. We’ll go deeper into these factors later in the article.

Ultimately, if you’re dog isn’t visibly dirty or smelly, then you probably don’t need to clean them right away. This is especially true if they’re young and nervous around water.

Of course, if they’ve rolled in mud or gotten into the garbage, then a bath might be in order. If you need a good rule of thumb, then make sure you don’t clean them more than once every three weeks or so.

Can You Bathe Your Puppy Too Much?

It’s possible to bathe your puppy too much. That’s the reason we say to do it only if it’s really necessary.

Your puppy has delicate skin that’s working to provide natural resistance against infection and other types of things that can cause skin problems. So, when you wash them too much, it can cause this natural oil on their coat to strip away.

We know it can be tempting to wash your puppy often as a new pet owner. But consider getting pet wipes or dry shampoo instead. Only save a wet bath for when your dog is truly filthy and smelly.

Factors That Affect How Often You Should Bathe Your Puppy

As we mentioned earlier, every new puppy has different grooming needs. So, what works for one pet owner might not work for another. To figure out what your specific dog needs, you to need to look at three factors.

Specifically, their coat type, health conditions, and lifestyle. In this section, we’ll go into more depth about each of these three areas.

1. Their Coat Type

The first factor is the dog’s coat. A good rule of thumb is the longer the fur, the more grooming and bathing will be necessary. This is the case for Collies and Malteses, two long-haired breeds.

That being said, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. They are some hairless breeds like the Xoloitzcuintli and the Chinese Crested that require a bath at least once a week.

If your dog falls in the middle between long and short hair, then they likely don’t need too many baths.

2. Their Health Conditions

Some dogs have skin problems or similar exterior-related health conditions that require more care. Specifically, they usually need baths with the medicated shampoo you get from the vet.

You should also consider your health conditions. If you’re allergic to your dog’s dander, then you may need to bathe them during shedding season for your relief.

3. Their Lifestyle

The final factor is your dog’s lifestyle. Does your dog stay clean on the walks you take them on? Or do they roll in the mud every chance they get, including in your backyard?

The lifestyle of the puppy will determine how often you should bathe them. However, if your dog has short hair, then it might be easier to just wipe them down when they get dirty from the dog park.

That being said, if they’ve been in the ocean or mud, then it’s time for a bath.

What If Your Puppy Is Nervous?

It’s perfectly natural for your young dog to be nervous around water. However, if they’re especially scared, then you must introduce it slowly in a calming way.

If you force them to bathe aggressively, then it’s going to be hard to break the association that baths are bad for them. So, how do you get them to get used to baths?

First, try placing them in the bath while there’s no water. Bring some toys and treats so that it feels like a safe place for them. Then, begin introducing small amounts of water with lots of food, praise, and encouragement.

Keep this going as you shampoo them for the first time. Make sure not to use a hairdryer on puppies. The loud noise can scare them. Instead, towel them off a bit and let their fur dry naturally.

Consider Getting Professional Input

If you still aren’t sure how often you should bathe your puppy, then don’t panic. Remember that there are thousands of qualified groomers out there that can give you professional advice for your specific furry friend.

So, don’t be afraid to visit businesses like this dog grooming service. They provide a bath, as well as blow-drying, nail cuts, hair cuts, ear cleaning, and tooth brushing.

It can be helpful to start your puppies out at these grooming stations when they’re young. That way, they get used to being worked on by other people.

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We hope this article helped you answer the question, How often should you give your puppy a bath? As you can see, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

Instead, you need to look at several factors to make sure you aren’t over or under bathing your dog. However, as long as you follow the advice in this guide, then you should be fine.

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