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Optics in the smart phone was the same for the last 10 years – but now it is about to change as the technology makers have found new ideas to start Technology based phone cameras. In 2007, when the first iPhone came, the camera was 2 megapixels. It had only rare camera back then. At that time, the trend of selfie was not there. Look at Metalenz in a classical manner or chokkat tu or to shine in wired fast manner.

However, now one can find cameras that have many cameras and some of them have crosses the benchmark of 100, which does show how things have changed and how technology has helped to make an impact in the very best way. Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra is one good example. Indeed, sensor size and megapixel count of smartphone cameras have taken things to the next level but computational photography software, which helps the lances to capture photos, has not changed much. Hence, despite the mega pixels have reached 108 – there are still the commend of new technology needed for making things better. New lens technology is primed to start a new chapter in camera history.

Metalenz, which is relatively a new company, has come up with new and upgraded computational photography software that would help every phone maker to provide customers better cameras and create the buzz so customers would be ready to buy the new smartphone. The new lens camera can match things in a manner it would not look one less then the previous technology and chances are there that the new technology will make things even better. Hence, it does lead Metalenz to have the upper edge.

Understand A Flat Lens
Now phones are there with 3 or more cameras behind and more than one even at front. Many times it does work with the single lens set up. Hence, despite there are different cameras it would not create much difference but does give that customer satisfaction. New lens technology is to jumpstart a new culture.
“The optics usually in smartphones nowadays consists of between four and seven lens elements,” says Oliver Schindelbeck, an expert in the field.
He added: “If you have a single lens element, just by physics you will have aberrations like distortion or dispersion in the image.”

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look metalenzchokkattuwired
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This does tell how one change in technology can help one to have the better look to make the camera better as one of the biggest reasons behind buying a phone is the camera. It is camera that leads one to buy Samsung’s high-end mobile despite they do not provide the security like iPhone and even despite iPhone does have a top-end camera.
Apple has managed to increase e number of lens elements over time, while others are following the roots that would make the zoom look better so there can be different pictures coming out and making one different than others.
Metalenz does not use plastic and glass lens. In fact, they go for glass wafer which is in the cycle of 1×1 to 3×3 millimeter in size. Hence, it does make them a cut above the rest.

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