In this rapidly evolving world of education, competitive exams have become a crucial benchmark. The youths are in continuous search of a stable and prestigious career. In order to jumpstart their career, they often search for reputed academic institutions. But the key to cracking any competitive exam for which a candidate aspires to qualify is the correct approach and good strategy. Therefore, the candidates must need a resourceful guide which will help them master the world of competitive exams and achieve their goal. Introducing Guidely, an exam preparation app, offering features that will assist you (as the name suggests) through every step of your academic journey.

About Guidely

Guidely is a reputed Banking Exam Preparation platform, formerly known as IBPS Guide. They started their journey in the year of 2013 and within a couple of years they had become India’s one of the top leading EdTech platforms.

Their core mission is to offer adequate Mock Tests and PDFs for all sorts of competitive exams and to provide top-notch study materials at an affordable price. Their expert team will help you navigate exams such as SSC, Banking & Insurance, Railway like a pro.

Guidely Features

It boasts a wide range of features to elevate your exam preparation. Here are some of them:

Interactive Study Materials

Guidely aims to provide the best quality study materials to enhance the candidate’s learning experience. They offer  multimedia resources in their captivating content which facilitates comprehension for the user.

Personalized Study Paths

To suit your academic goals and pace, they offer guided study plans. They target your weak areas and ensure that you achieve a fruitful result. Moreover, it lets you keep tabs on your progress and boosts your motivation.

Doubt Solving

Users frequently face difficulty comprehending a topic and to help you overcome.They offers instant doubt solutions. Their subject matter experts or doubt solvers address the doubts of the users and provide them with detailed explanations for all of their inquiries.

Live Mock Tests

On this platform aspirants will get a chance to become familiar with their academic standards on a national level. Guidely conducts Online Live Test for exams like SBI, IBPS, RBI, LIC, SSC, IB ACIO and many more. The participants can check their rank on a national level after finishing their test.

Free PDFs

They offer a wide range of free study materials for all kinds of banking exams. Their study guides cover all types of latest questions frequently asked in the examinations. These questions are curated by their expert team.

Video Classes

They have educational video classes related to various topics and subjects on their platform. They provide subject-specific pre-recorded videos as well as live online classes held by their knowledgeable faculty. Also, you can easily get access to their free YouTube videos related to competitive exams.

Mobile Access

With the help of their mobile application, a user can learn anywhere, anytime, which provides them flexibility in their tight schedules. They can easily utilize their short breaks by turning them into productive study sessions.

Timely Notification

Users can receive timely notifications regarding upcoming examinations, change of a schedule or brand new study materials which help them stay updated.

Pocket-Friendly Plans

The best thing about Guidely’s platform is that it’s affordable yet consists of a ton of user-friendly features. It is economical and offers affordable monthly and annual plans to its users. In addition to that, it provides effective combo packages to achieve quick success.

Why Should You Use Guidely as Your Exam Preparation Tool?

  1. High-Quality Study Materials:- They provides you with the highest-caliber content for your preliminary and mains examinations. Their study materials are curated with expert questions that ensure their brilliant performance in the test.
  2. All-in-One Course Package:- It can be your one-stop solution with its all-in-one course package. It enhances the study experience of the users by having all relevant study guides in one place. This package covers all important questions with detailed video solutions.
  3. Experienced Faculty:- Their highly-experienced faculty contribute to the development by bringing real-world examples. Additionally, their effective guidance and support will help the aspirants conquer their dreams and goals.
  4. Flexibility and Accessibility:- They allow users to use their application on mobile devices anywhere, at any moment. This particular feature brings flexibility to the busy schedules of the users.

Pros of Guidely

The following are the advantages of Guidely:

  • The platform comes with a wide spectrum of live online classes, mock tests, scholarship tests to stimulate your exam preparation.
  • It keeps its users updated with current affairs relevant to competitive exams.
  • It has personalized study plans to help you strengthen your weak areas and ace the test.
  • You can monitor your progress and analyze your performance through detailed reports.
  • It provides various types of PDF courses and video courses to help you learn seamlessly.
  • With the guidance of its doubt-solving feature, you can seek clarification on difficult topics and subjects.
  • Expert faculty with their guidance and mentorship can make your learning experience enriched and insightful.

Cons of Guidely

Like any other tool for exam preparation, It also has its drawbacks. The following are some of them:

  • Users who lack basic technical proficiency or regular access to technology might find it difficult to utilize the application.
  • Since it’s an online learning platform, areas with poor network coverage might face challenges to use some of its features.
  • Even though they provide a vast amount of content regarding competitive exams, their effectiveness may vary from person to person. They might not align with the users’ preferences and needs.
  • Technical glitches, app crashes or connectivity issues can be occasionally experienced by users.
  • In order to get full access to all features users need to pay a certain amount which might not be feasible for some users.

Guidely Alternatives

The following are a few substitutes of Guidely’s platform:

  • Unacademy
  • BYJU’S Exam Prep
  • Exampur
  • IBPSGuide
  • Testbook
  • Vocab24
  • Oliveboard
  • BankersAdda

Plans offered by Guidely

The following are some of the plans offered by Guidely’s platform.

Guidely Super Plan (All in One)

  • This is a ₹17990/year package.
  • This package includes Bundle PDF Course 2024, All Mock Test Series, Ultimate Bundle PDF Course 2022, All Bank Exams Video Course and many more.

All the benefits mentioned above can be availed on Guidely Super+ Plan which costs ₹19999 for a 24-month period.

Platinum Package (Mock Tests)

  • This is a ₹2499/year package.
  • This plan includes all major exams Mock Tests, Topic/ Sectional/ ebooks, Latest Exam Patterns.
  • Renewal of the plan will not affect previously taken tests or results.

This package has a 24-month plan as well which costs ₹2999

All-in-One PDF Course Subscription

  • 3-Month Plan: ₹2599
  • 6-Month Plan: ₹4399
  • 14-Month Plan: ₹6599

This package allows its users to add-on the Platinum Mock Test Package for a set fee.

Note: The price of the plans may change periodically based on the available offers.

Summing Up

Guidely, with its features like doubt-solving platform, real-time updates, extensive study materials, expert guidance and performance analysis, sets itself apart from the rest. It continues to be a reliable companion for all the aspirants who are gearing up for competitive exams. Nonetheless, we advise you to choose your exam preparation tool from a range of educational apps depending on your budget and requirements.

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