Let’s be honest—we’ve all wanted to be that parent filming our child’s dance recital with an obnoxiously large camcorder. Though, these days, an iPhone will do just as well as an 80s camcorder.

Before you can hit the record button though, you need to make it to your child’s first dance class. If you’re new to the dancing world, this can be stressful.

It can be hard to find the proper dance attire as the parent of a new dancer. It can be even trickier if your child’s only a toddler. What exactly are they expected to wear?

We’re here to help you out. Keep reading below to learn what clothes to prepare for your child’s first dance class!


Many dance studios don’t have extremely strict dress codes when it comes to toddlers. However, you can’t go wrong with a leotard, and it’s an easy garment to find before your child’s first dance class.

Leotards are form-fitting and allow dance instructors to see if a dancer’s posture and form are correct or not. They’re also comfortable for dancers, as they don’t have to worry about their arms or legs catching on any loose fabric.

If your studio does require a leotard, check if they specify any color. Otherwise, pink, white, and black leotards are all common and accessible choices.

Two-Piece Uniforms

We get it—leotards aren’t for everyone. If your child is uncomfortable in a leotard, check to see if your studio allows more casual athletic wear as dance attire.

Biker pants and leggings are two other popular choices for dancers. Many pair them with comfortable t-shirts or tank tops. These combinations still allow the instructor to easily see a dancer’s movements and form.


Tights are a staple piece of any ballet uniform. When shopping for tights, make sure you know the difference between ballet tights and pantyhose. Ballet tights are more secure and durable to support athletic movement.

You can often choose between footed and footless tights. If your child will be dancing barefoot, footless tights are a good idea because they’ll prevent any slipping while dancing.

Ballet Shoes

Ballet shoes are an iconic part of any ballet uniform. However, your studio may not require them for a toddler ballet class.

It’s wise to check their policies before buying a pair, as they are expensive. For small children, they’ll likely ask that the children dance barefoot or in soft-soled shoes. 

Hair Accessories

The best way to keep your child’s hair out of their face is by putting it in a bun. However, pinned-up braids are a great alternative if you’re looking for more unique hairstyles for dance class.

Some studios have policies when it comes to hairstyles and hair accessories. However, if the rules are lax, this is a great opportunity to add some fun to your child’s ensemble. Colorful scrunchies and glittery clips are perfect additions to any hairdo.

Finding the Perfect Dance Attire

There’s nothing more enchanting than seeing your little one dance for the first time! However, they’ll have an even better time in the proper dance attire. With the guide above, you’ll have no trouble finding clothes for your little dancer!

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