Almond oil not only stimulates the mind and enhances our mental faculties, but also has proven benefits for all haircare and skincare regimens. Using almond oil for hair growth is a positive habit to learn because it is a natural emollient. This makes it a deep-acting agent for healthy hair at a cellular level too.

Almond oil has been traditionally considered a superfood for the brain. Remember when your mother insisted you have almonds soaked in milk first thing in the morning? Well, there is a reason for that. Almond nut is one of the most important sources of proteins, minerals, and essential fatty acids, making it a nutrient-rich supplement. Let us find out what else makes its oil so beneficial for your hair and why you should include it in your hair care sessions.

A superfood for your hair! 

Almond oil is not a new addition to the market. There is enough historical evidence to suggest that it has been used to treat dryness of the hair and scalp, reduce dandruff, and promote hair growth for ages. In addition, its high concentration of Omega-9 fatty acids, vitamins A and E, and minerals (such as potassium and zinc) help recharge the mind and rejuvenate the skin.

The same benefits are passed on to our scalp when the oil is used for a hair care regimen. It hydrates the hair and scalp. Vitamin E lends luster to the hair shafts while the antioxidants nourish the hair follicles and makes them stronger at the roots. Almond oil helps to create ambient conditions for hair growth.  

The amazing benefits of almond oil for haircare

Now that we know how powerful this variety of nuts is, let us find out the numerous benefits:

  • Natural conditioner for hair 

Almond oil is a natural conditioner. It softens the hair shafts and nourishes their roots. Since it is also an emollient, it helps retain the moisture in the hair, thus keeping it softer over longer intervals. As a conditioning agent, it lends bounce and volume to your hair, making it shinier and healthier. 

  • Helps alleviate Alopecia 

Hair loss is a very common condition. Several factors contribute to the frequent and excessive loss of hair (known as alopecia in medical terminology). One of the main factors is genetics. But there are other factors such as lack of personal hygiene, untreated dry hair, and regular exposure to pollutants and dust can also trigger hair loss.

In addition, deficiency in nutrients can further aggravate the condition.  Using almond oil for hair nourishment creates a conducive environment for a healthy scalp. It is known to contain biotin and Vitamin E both of which help in hair growth. 

  • Fights dandruff 

Because of its natural ability to retain water and condition the scalp, almond oil helps treat acute dandruff conditions. It also addresses the problem of a flaky scalp.

  • Helps in repairing hair 

Almond’s powerful mix of antioxidants, vitamins, and biotin boosts your immunity from within. In addition, its nutritional value is great for cellular rebuilding and repairing. This effect gets rubbed off on the hair and helps the body to repair damaged and frizzy hair. Reduced stress levels and balanced hormonal secretions also help in hair growth. 

  • Addresses the problem of split ends

Gently massaging the scalp with almond oil can help reduce split ends to an extent. The cause for split ends is the same as for hair fall and dandruff. Using almond oil for hair promotes healthy growth at the cellular level and keeps hair healthy. Proper hair care follow-up with a toxin-free shampoo and regular haircut goes a long way in addressing the issue of split ends. 

Ways to use it

  1. As a hair mask 

Almond oil can be used as a base oil for preparing a homemade hair mask. This can be done by mixing a lightweight oil such as coconut oil which the scalp absorbs easily. Adding avocado or papaya allows the hair to soak in nutrients. Alternatively, you can use essential oil such as rosemary or tea tree oil. Leave the pack overnight and wash it off with a safe and gentle shampoo for bouncy and healthy-looking hair.  

  1. As a massage oil 

Almond oil is a great massage oil for the face, nails, and hair. Since it is rich in vitamins A and E and has fatty acid 9 which loads it with antioxidants, this nut-based oil serves some therapeutic uses too. For example, you can take a tablespoon of almond oil and gently massage it on the scalp. The massage will moisturize the scalp and hair. 

  1. Can be ingested orally 

Almond oil is edible. A few drops of cold-pressed almond oil are believed to offer nutritional value directly to your body. While it is not certain how much of the nutrition is absorbed by your hair upon ingestion, it helps in skin repair and is believed to keep your scalp clean and healthy. You can also opt for over-the-counter almond oil capsules for intake. But do consult your physician before taking them regularly. 

Which toxin-free, natural shampoo should you opt for regular use?

A good hair care regimen is incomplete without a natural shampoo. For example, you can use almond oil for hair care and leave it overnight but you will have to cleanse it off with a good shampoo that does not dry your hair. 

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