Around 18% of businesses say they will never invest in SEO. 91% think backlinks aren’t important and 73% don’t care about website traffic.

Why are so many businesses’ marketing efforts non-existent? It might be due to the digital marketing myths floating around out there. If you’re a small business owner, the conflicting information you’ve heard about the digital marketing industry might be confusing.

It’s likely stopping you from exploring different types of marketing and growing your business to its full potential. Let’s bust those myths so you can make full use of this innovative marketing tool! 

Digital Marketing Is Expensive

Sure, if you were to hire a 40-person digital marketing agency and take out 1,000 per-per-click advertisements, it would cost you a pretty penny.

But creating social media posts, publishing blog content, and sending email newsletters? Priceless. 

If small businesses do invest in digital marketing, you only need a modest sum to see results. Keyword research tools cost less than $10 a month, blog posts can cost less than $100, and decent website hosting can cost as little as $200 a year.

Companies Need Every Social Media Platform

You might see large brands and retailers on every single social media platform and think you need to do the same. This is one of the biggest digital marketing myths because it sounds true yet it isn’t. You should only be on the platforms that your target audience is on.

If you sell handknit mittens through your website, you likely don’t need to be on Twitter because you have a visual product. Instagram would be a great platform for you and the one where you could get a lot of social media growth and engagement. You wouldn’t see a return on your time investment by being on every platform.

Search Engine Optimization Is Irrelevant

Google? Never heard of it.

Unless you’re under three years old or over 90, you use Google every day and you use it a lot. SEO is vital for boosting your web content to the top of those search engine results pages so potential customers can see it. People who say blogs and SEO are irrelevant are likely reading optimized blog posts every single day without realizing it.

Your Competitors Don’t Use Digital Marketing

Let’s say this is true and that your competitors don’t invest in digital marketing. Does that mean that you shouldn’t use digital marketing?

No, because you 100% should! You have a fantastic opportunity to market to the customers that your competitors don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell at reaching.

Don’t Believe These Digital Marketing Myths

These digital marketing myths might be slowing your business’s growth and harming your profit margins. Only listen to legitimate digital marketing experts, do your own research, and you will soon reap the rewards.

Running a business or a marketing team means you need to keep reinvesting in yourself and your skills. If you need more advice and education, browse the business section of our website for lots of informative articles!