High risk, as the Oxford dictionary tells us, is defined as “involving or exposed to a high level of danger.” So, at first glance, you might conjure up thoughts of sky diving, free climbing, and other such activities.

But an interesting question is, which are the most high-risk industries right now? And do people get paid more as a result of the industry being so desperate?

Well, in this short post we will take a look at some such industries. We’ll also look at how these industries might minimize the risks involved.

The Construction Industry

With various roles within the construction industry, not all are dangerous. However, the roles that do come under the danger bracket make this one of the riskiest industries to work in on balance.

You have to think, many employees handle toxic and hazardous materials daily. In other cases, there is potential to fall from dangerous heights where death may even be a result. 

Nevertheless, construction jobs with high-risk factors often pay better than those that are less risky. And, at least in the developed world, various safety measures are put in place by employers.

The Oil and Gas Industry

Any job that involves drawing up highly flammable and explosive substances from the ground will have its risks. Then, you have to consider the logistics of dealing with these substances and containing them in a safe manner.

This is why the oil and gas industry conducts things like high-level refinery safety training online and in person. Potential employees must have excellent safety education if they wish to work in this still very lucrative industry.

The Mining Industry

Again, we’re looking at another industry that deals with the extraction of substances from the ground. And although mining has advanced in monumental ways since the industrial revolution era, it still poses dangers to the people who do it.

And employees might become exposed to all sorts of harmful gases and dust under the ground. Also, there are flood risks to consider and cave-ins. However, for many people, being involved with mining has made them a lot of money.

Health Services

If you deal with sick patients every day, you may run the risk of catching something from them. Plus, when you think about the long shifts that health professionals have to undertake, their immune system may become weakened. This means they could be more vulnerable to catching viruses and other things.

Yet, as we’ve all recently seen, hospitals work tirelessly to ensure that they are safe environments. Although, even with the strictest of measures, things can go wrong for people working in this industry.

High-Risk Industries Explained

Now you know a few of the high-risk industries out there. Not all jobs in each industry will pose any strong threats, however, some jobs in these industries will be some of the most dangerous in the world!

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