In this article, we are going to talk about Cloudfut online app. People on internet asking whether this platform is real or fake? So, if you also want to know about this online app then you are at right page. This article is going to be very amazing guide for you. So let us know about Cloudfut. Stay tuned till the end of the article to know more about this platform.

What is Cloudfut?

Cloudfut app is platform about which a lot of people are curious. To be exact it is an online earning app. This app claims that you earn a lot money. But for that first you need to invests in tasks of app then you will be given commission. This is how this app works, it’s like an investment app. This article will try to answers all you question. The purpose of this article is to find out whether this app is reliable or not. Cyber scamming is happening very often nowadays. We all should be precautious before visiting and using unauthorized platforms.

One thing we would like to clear that through this article we are not encouraging readers. This article just for knowledge and information. Don’t fall  into trap of app, you are not sure about.

How to Install Cloudfut App?

I’m sure when potential users hear about earning apps, they get curious. They want to know everything about that app. Cloud fut is one such app. It offers investment through which you can earn. I’m sure you want know how to download this app. So don’t worry guys! You just have to follow the following steps given below:

  • Open your mobile or laptop Browser
  • Search for cloudfut or you can open One thing about this website is that it keeps changing domain name. In case the site did not open, then search “how to download Cloudfut app.”
  • Hope by now, you have opened the official website of Cloudfut’s platform.
  • There you will find the link to download the cloudfut’s app.
  • After downloading the app, now its time to install it in your mobile.
  • While you were downloading the app, before that you need to sign up. After that create an ID.
  • Now set the password by using the mobile number. And you can simply install the app.

So, these were step to download and install the cloudfut’s app. Let’s move forward and checkout the reviews of use. Overall, their personal experience with the app.

Cloudfut Review

You go online and browse about Cloudfut’s app experience. It’s very rare that you will find something positive about the app. Majority of users have shown their unpleasant experience with the app. Let’s see some key feedbacks aka complaints of users:

  • According to many people Cloudfut is not a real company. They have many reasons to say something like this.
  • When we talk about its owners, proper detail about them is not provided. They don’t have social media handles.
  • Moreover, this company is not registered in India
  • In the name of crypto-mining, this company diverting users’ money.
  • There are a lot of people who have suffer loss because of this app
  • The company claims that It was established in 2014, but in reality, it started in 2022. This is red flag
  • There is no head-office of this company in USA
  • The claims a lot of stuff whether it’s related to its offers or about company. But in reality, case is different

We would just as this app involves monetary investment be precautious. It meant that first do proper research about the company and then invest. So, this was people review about the cloudfut’s app.

Cloudfut App Red Flags

After search and reviews of user this is clear that Cloudfut app is Red Flag. Let’s see signs about Cloudfut’s app which indicates a potential scam which were ignored. Users were tempted by the promises and bonuses.

  • Limited information about company ownership
  • Pushed users to invest more to earn more
  • Minimal KYC requirements
  • Flashy ads showing people getting rich
  • A poorly designed app
  • No information about the founder
  • Lack of registration details
  • Incomplete work details
  • A lot negative review online
  • No official contact details or support service contact information
  • Multiple online complaints
  • Fake certificates and proofs displayed in the app
  • Inactive social media accounts of company
  • Financial commission has added the platform in a warning list

These points proofs that cloudfut’s platform is not very safe app to use. Be aware of these points before to use the app and invest.


Cloudfut app is not safe to use. This could be said after reading many of the reviews of users. The problems and scam they have faced by using this app. Cloud website keep changing its domain main. So, its website might not be found. A lot of complaints filed against this app by the users. The company is not registered in India. People easily get tempted by such companies offers , which could be potential fraud. But after hearing offers potential users ignore the suspicious point regards the platform. We all should be precautions before using such apps. Through this article we can conclude that it is not safe app to use. It’s a scammer and be should not use it.


Q1. Who is founder of Cloudfut’s company ?

A- Chris Morehouse, Lucas Kuhlman, Eric McCabe, Richard Purcell, William Ferrero, they are the founder of Cloudfut’s company.

Q2. Do Cloudfut’s platform have social media handle ?

A- It social media handles are inactive.

Q3. When was Cloud fut established ?

A- According to company it was established in 2014, but in actual company started in 2022.

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